Jerry Cornfield

State still be fined for not complying with Supreme Court ruling | Cornfield

Fines are mounting against the state for not having a plan to ensure public schools are adequately funded.

Gov. Inslee helping to craft new rule to limit carbon pollution | Cornfield

Nothing like a few days away from the office to get one’s spirit rejuvenated and energy recharged.

Initiative filed by Bothell man would name Skagit River bridge for Eyman

Tim Eyman's thousands of supporters throughout the state may get a chance next year to put the anti-tax guru's name on the rebuilt Skagit River bridge on I-5.

Lawmakers get donations from opponents | Cornfield

The votes are counted, but contributions continue flowing to participants in this year’s election.

The Boeing ‘flu’ taking its toll | Cornfield

More than the usual exchange of cold and flu germs occurred among lawmakers this session.

Special session likely to go to second round for Legislature

It's going to be double overtime for state lawmakers.

Rates won’t rise at 2-year colleges

Community college students received official word Friday they won't be paying higher tuition this fall.

Celis aligns himself with political heavyweights | Cornfield

Republican Pedro Celis needs a spark for his congressional campaign and hopes it will come from two men who helped a Tea Party-backed candidate unseat U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Oso mudslide coverage not easy | Cornfield

You may notice the daily media briefings on the Oso mudslide getting shorter and tenser with less said and more questions asked.

Lovick to run for state legislative seat | Cornfield

When voters ousted John Lovick as Snohomish County executive three months ago, it marked his first loss in 13 elections.

Halsey, the most important man in public education | Column

Joshua Halsey is about to become one of the most important people in public education in Washington.

Inslee must draw a line in the sand on climate change issues | Cornfield

These days Jay Inslee might be America’s most frustrated governor. And we may soon find out how much more frustration — and stomach ache — he can take.

Why are so many people running to become Washington’s next lieutenant governor? | Cornfield

Why are so many people running to become Washington’s next lieutenant governor?

Washington just can’t get this charter school thing down right | Cornfield

Try as it might, Washington just can’t get this charter school thing down right. For years, backers of this privately run, publicly funded model of educating endured rejection by voters worried that diverting public dimes in this manner might sink the state’s school system.

What-if scenario Democrats insist can’t be ignored in Snohomish County race | Cornfield

Voters won’t decide the race for Snohomish County executive until November but there are Democrats quietly trafficking in what-if scenarios should Dave Somers defeat John Lovick.

It didn’t take long to liquidate state auditor’s legacy | Cornfield

It took 207 days of campaigning through two elections in 2012 for Troy Xavier Kelley to secure the job as Washington’s state auditor.

Majority of Washington voters won’t have a hand presidential primary | Cornfield

You know the quadrennial quandary in this state about how to make the presidential primary meaningful?

How the GOP got its groove back | Cornfield

Looks like the Grand Old Party got its groove back. After this election, Republicans will hold a majority of seats in the state Senate for the first time since 2004 and boast their largest contingent in the state House in more than a decade.

How many lobbyist’s dinners are too many? | Cornfield

A panel empowered to guide elected leaders along a righteous path is struggling to draw clear ethical boundaries for lawmakers when dining and drinking with lobbyists.

Fully funding state schools will take more than one meeting | Cornfield

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are finding themselves once again falling down a rabbit hole in their Sisyphean efforts to cure the real and perceived ailments of the state’s public schools.