Suzanne G. Beyer

Bothell resident Marv Harshman, an old-fashioned gentleman

Revered Hall of Fame basketball coach and longtime Bothell resident Marv Harshman passed away on April 12 at age 95.


Lauded musician Vardi moves to Bothell/ Around Town

Bothell headlines the news lately with its award-winning designs for a revitalized downtown — an accomplishment most boast-worthy. Not only will Bothell’s new appearance sparkle, but the city’s cultural life will also shine brighter with the addition of a new neighbor. Welcome to Bothell, Lenore Vardi, a renowned violinist who has performed at landmark New York City venues, played in chamber groups in Canada and London, recorded with Placido Domingo, jazz greats Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughn and Tony Bennett and world-famous violinist, Itzhak Perlman. Lenore is also known for creating chamber music festivals. She remembers sailing up New York’s Hudson River to the Westchester Chamber Music Festival that she founded. “I played a Bach cello suite on the violin on the boat ride up the Hudson,” she said, adding, “I closed my eyes and I’d get seasick, then opened them to see the waves, which was disconcerting.”


It’s raining books at Northwest BookFest/ Around Town

For all you “lazy bums” who would prefer curling up on the couch with a good book, instead of tending to your “to do” list, I applaud you! Recently, I spent a week engrossed in 530 pages of “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. There was no way I was going to vacuum, run errands, write essays or fix dinner. I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of this page-turner. We bookworms are so fortunate to have Bothell’s Sheryn Hara step up to the plate to organize this year’s Northwest BookFest. The festival, with the appropriate theme “It’s Raining Books,” will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Oct. 1 and 2 in Kirkland.


Bothell salons spread the love | Around Town

In October 2010, Angie Strickland, owner of Bothell’s Hair Designers and The Hair Express, received news from her beauty-salon product supplier, Matrix, that her salons were chosen to “spread the love.” “Spread the love” is a warm, gentle phrase, but in this case, the words are packed with action and meaning for Angie, her salon stylists and our community. In April, stylists at Hair Designers and The Hair Express volunteered their time and talents to help women from Eastside Domestic Violence, HopeLink Women’s shelter and several wives of Army soldiers from Fort Lewis who served in Afghanistan.

Creating a buzz for Northshore authors | Around Town

A phrase I often hear from hanging around publishers, publicists and authors are the words “create a buzz.” I had no clue what that meant and am just now realizing how important the phrase is. It seems that writing a book is only a small part of the publishing journey. What’s important is that the author creates a buzz about his/her book way before it’s even completed. Here, we’ll create that buzz and highlight two authors from Frances Dayee’s manuscript critique class.

Lights, camera, action — ready for the big time/ Around Town

What’s the best way to describe my experience of being interviewed for “The Will,” an Investigative Discovery series on Cable Channel 271? Well, it’s like being stuck in an MRI machine, staring at the top of the less-than-roomy cylinder for 2 ½ hours. I’m not complaining, but wasn’t prepared when the French-Canadian camera man sat me on a small stool where I stared at a camera lens placed 12 inches in front of my face, surrounded by bright, eye-straining lights. Instead of the lens, I concentrated on the face of the director, a charming British chap. Charming British Chap (CBC) asked me many questions, which I tried to answer enthusiastically. After over an hour, I tended to “space” and forget the question, at which time, CBC called for a break and a do-over, saying, “Welcome to Hollywood, Suzanne!”

From tap dancer to author — meet Bothell’s Dahl/ Around Town

Delores “Dee” Dahl’s greatest lessons in writing have come from acting. By interconnecting the arts, she concludes, “You are an instrument, like a piano! The 88 keys are your emotional range — from the darkest to the lightest notes of human nature.” She says, “As an artist, you strive to use all those keys.” The keyboard analogy has served her well throughout her life’s creative journey.

University of Washington, Bothell African American Student Union holds inspiring gathering/ Around Town

The University of Washington, Bothell (UWB) hosted the first African American Student Union (AASU) breakfast last month at the college’s North Creek Event Center. The blessing of the event came in the form of musicians, clad in bright-colored traditional African garb, beating various drum rhythms to welcome UWB and Cascadia College students and staff. Seated at round tables, participants were invited to meet their neighbors. At our table was a homesick student looking for a connection, a young man from Senegal whose major is business and a high-school student filled with anticipation for a bright future.

Some love songs and splashes on Valentine’s Day/Around Town

This morning's swim exercise program at the Northshore YMCA's pool began per usual, on time, at 9 a.m. With the shallow-end folks exercising to boom-box… Continue reading

Music is in the air at Opus 4 Studios in Bothell/Around Town

Music settles deep into our souls, evoking emotions of sadness or joy, peace, comfort or an exuberant energy resulting in our bursting into dance. Bothell’s Michael “Mike” Matesky lives, hears and breathes music.

Kush is one of Northshore’s ‘Angels in Everyday Places’/ Around Town

Anderson Cooper hosts his annual CNN Heroes award show where we television viewers get to witness amazing acts of kindness that affect many people around the world. Here at home, as we live our daily lives, we also meet heroes and guardian angels, who wouldn’t have a clue as to why we’re addressing them with such admiration. I call them "Angels in Everyday Places." One person immediately comes to mind.

Do you remember the Pink Toe Truck?/ Around Town

The iconic Pink Toe Truck joined Bothell’s Fourth of July parade for several years in the 1980s. During one parade, Mills Music band members even hitched a ride on it. If you missed seeing the Toe Truck in the parade, you probably saw it parked in full view as you exited from Interstate 5 onto Mercer Street.

With new coach, Bothell girls soccer players are ready to score/ Around Town

Germany refers to the game of soccer as fussball (pronounced foosball), which makes a lot of sense since the ball is touched with the feet, unlike our American football where the quarterback passes with his hands to a receiver who, hopefully, catches it.

Stop crime in our neighborhoods / Around Town

One day this summer, a savvy, alert teenager — home alone — looked out the window to see three suspicious characters standing at the front… Continue reading

Bothell’s Sheryn Hara is booked as coordinator of Seattle BookFest/ Around Town

Sheryn Hara’s Book Publishers Network has remained a well-kept secret in our Northshore area ... a treasure hidden among the antique shops, peacocks, roosters and restaurants in Bothell’s quaint Country village.

‘Safeguarding our Neighbors’ in Bothell/ Around Town

“Safeguarding our Neighbors” reads the sign on the back of the city of Bothell’s bright red aid cars. Those words rang true for me on… Continue reading

Bothell’s gone batty / Around Town

The wetlands at the University of Washington, Bothell and Cascadia Community College campuses serve as a serene place for the public to admire, for ducks, bald eagles and goldfinches to call home, for crows to roost and for salmon and trout to swim. There’s also an unseen bat population that Bothell’s wildlife biologist, Greg Green, is keeping an eye on ... or an ear to!

Eastside women truly do mean business / Around Town

Russell’s Restaurant (The Barn!) in Bothell welcomes the organization, Eastside Women in Business, which meets there the first Wednesday of each month. The organization provides a low-pressure, non-stressful venue where people enjoy each other as individuals and encourage each other in their business ventures.

Take me out to the ball game / Around Town

It was a 70-degree day at the ballpark in Peoria, Ariz., with plenty of intense sun, deep blue skies with wind picking up. The Seattle Mariners were playing the Cincinnati Reds.