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A better tax system for everyone | Letter

My husband and I moved to the Eastside seven years ago and we have been so pleased to call Washington our home. When we moved here, we noticed how Washington recognizes the strength in a diverse community. We love that hometown heroes include sports stars, musicians and computer geeks; that Washington embraces sports teams and STEM; how our state takes pride in both its growing businesses and natural landscape. We love how Washington fights for peace while supporting and honoring our troops. It’s clear that Washington understands how communities thrive by supporting the entire community, rather than a few special interests.

It has always seemed to us that Washington state is a balanced state with the proper values. That’s why I was so surprised to learn how Washington’s backward tax system is arranged. I realized that this unfair system is inconsistent with our the state’s priorities and values and has been holding our state back from achieving our best.

I am pleased to see the Democrats’ budget plan rearranges the state tax plan to align with our priorities. This proposal will benefit for our whole community by closing the capital gains loophole, granting funds to strengthen schools and community services. In particular, I was glad to see that the Democratic budget plan strengthens our mental health services. As the daughter of someone with schizophrenia, I personally know how important effective mental health care benefits the entire community, from families, to schools, police and veterans. In the Democrats’ plan there is additional funding for hospital beds, suicide prevention programs and police courses in effective techniques for engaging with those with mentall illnesses.

Washington is a diverse, vibrant state with strong values and endless potential. The Washington state Democrats’ budget plan has rearranged our tax system to help everyone in the state and moves our state to reaching our full potential.

Claire Robson, Bothell

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