Kenmore City Hall and PSE are not living up to their duties | Letter

After reading the comments by Katrina Rose, I would like to comment on her opinion.

After reading the comments by Katrina Rose, I would like to comment on her opinion. I have lived in Kenmore for 40 years and the issues with PSE (Puget Sound Energy) are far more complicated than what this article states. She suggests that we do our part. As a homeowner, I do my part. In my opinion, PSE does not.

When Kenmore became a city, which was unfortunate, the power grid, according to information provided from City Hall and PSE, was split in two.  I happen to live in the smaller pocket, which according to PSE is the last to come online. Note, the mayor’s house, from what I understand, the business in Kenmore, the Juanita area, all come on before my area does. It’s been an exasperating experience with PSE over the years and it continues to get worse and worse. Ms. Rose suggested that we do our part. My question is, why doesn’t Kenmore City Hall and PSE do their part? Years ago, according to what I was told by a PSE employee, they laid off a lot of workers and decided that it would be cheaper to call people in, sub contractors, in the event of power outages. Well, we can all see how that worked out. I’ve experienced a three day, two day and five hour outage in the last few months. The substation in Kenmore has been a real issue and one time, according to a PSE hire, they had to wait for parts. Does anyone see a problem with this situation. Now, Kenmore is adding more and more buildings and apartments in this particular section of Kenmore that continually has power outages. When they can’t assure good supply and no interruptions, how can they justify this amount of new buildings?

Snohomish takes care of their own and without fail. I can see lights from my back yard and here I sit with no power for days. Kenmore City Hall is getting ready to sign a another contract with PSE. We continue to have high bills with less service and no accountability. Perhaps it’s time to take a serious look at who provides our power in this area. Our power grid obviously needs work and I suspect that federal funds are being received. If that is the case, where are those funds going? It’s high time that we as a community start demanding answers instead of someone suggesting that we take care of the problem. PSE is the problem, City Hall is the problem and they are paid a handsome amount of money from all of us and they want us to do the work? I think not. It’s way past time that there is some accountability.

We as customers should not have to suffer through the inadequate response to power outages nor should we continue to accept the lame excuses from PSE about their lousy service. Every member of this community really needs to stop and think about all of this. We are paying dearly for a service that we are not getting. PSE is incapable of delivering a constant supply of power. I believe in 40 years that I have heard every conceivable excuse known to man as to why my power is out and not working. I pay you on a regular basis, Now, I want you to show me the same courtesy and pay me for the minutes that I have to do without power. It can easily be calculated and that should be standard practice. If it costs you too much, perhaps that will encourage you to get a move on and take care of business in a timely manner.

If PSE simply cannot get it’s business adjusted to correct the problems that we have been experiencing for years, then I suggest that we annex off this small section of Kenmore relieving Kenmore City Hall and PSE of their duties and sign up with a company that is efficient, has the proper equipment, manpower to do the job and hire a City Hall that has our best interests at heart. This City Hall does not.

Thankfully, our police and fire department are fantastic.

Karen Klees, Kenmore

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