Let your representatives know you support education on all levels to create a better world

The following letter is in reponse to the Jan. 9 article “Fully funding education, passing capital budget top focus this legislative session” by Raechel Dawson.

The importance of education is agreed upon, whether it is local or international.

The state legislature is grappling with the how to fund it here, while congress in D.C. is doing bipartisan work to help fund education for the 263 million that still have no school. The bipartisan resolutions in the House (H. Res. 466) and Senate (S. Res. 286) will support the Global Partnership for Education.

America’s participation, funding less than 4 percent of the total, encourages other donors. Over the next three years, the GPE will help countries put 25 million children in school. No wonder over 80 members of the House have co-sponsored the resolution put forward by Rep. Dave Reichert, including six members of Washington’s delegation (Reps. DelBene, Larsen, Smith, Hererra Beutler, Kilmer, and Heck).

Education is a game changer, bringing better wages and health while lowering conflict and birth rates. You can help education bring these changes by letting your representatives know you support education on all levels to create a better world.

Willie Dickerson,

Snohomish, WA

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