NSD elementary schools are bursting at the seams, against more development | Letter

Behind our property, the Raven Ridge development has sent a proposal to the city of Bothell to fill in the Wetlands.

Behind our property, the Raven Ridge development has sent a proposal to the city of Bothell to fill in the Wetlands. This would give them more land to develop and the property that butts into the wetlands adjacent to this property would be able to sell and develop if the wetlands were filled.

We have enjoyed, for 33 years, looking out our backyard and seeing deer, red hawks, owls and geese. This proposal would, if the city of Bothell gives them the green light to fill, take away the wetlands where the wildlife have enjoyed years of grazing in the field. This would also change the zoning code and allow more developments and homes to be built.

This property will have 17 houses with wetlands not filled. The property next to it cannot develop a large number of homes if the wetlands are not filled.

If the city gives the okay to fill the wetlands, we are looking at 55-plus homes, on two separate pieces of land, two blocks north of West Hill Elementary. Where are the families going to put their children with the schools of Northshore overflowing now?

There is so much land being developed. Is there land for schools if it is needed? Or will your children in the future be bussed outside your school district so the city of Bothell can keep changing land zones and all the land is developed?

I am against having the Wetlands filled and I feel the neighborhoods in and around this property on 88th and 203rd Street need to really get informed and attend the meetings. Thank you,

Linda Duenow, Bothell

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