Take action against climate change | Letter

The human impact of climate change anxiety was discussed by University of Washington Bothell professor Jennifer Atkinson at McMenamins Pub Night Talks the last Tuesday of May.

A large crowd was in attendance and many questions were asked. According to professor Atkinson, her research on the topic began out of concern for the future quality of life for the university’s students, as well as that of other young people. But it was clear, by the many questions that were asked, that members of the wider community share the same frustration and anxiety.

Later, in the talk, professor Atkinson presented a four-point list of suggestions for dealing with climate change anxiety. The last point — take action — is of special interest. There are many worthy opportunities for the citizens of Washington to get involved in seeking climate justice at the federal, state and local level.

More specifically, PCA, People for Climate Action, is composed of King County citizens working to encourage and assist cities to implement King County’s Cities Climate Collaboration initiative for Bothell and all other King County cities to reduce their contribution of greenhouse gas emissions significantly between 2020 and 2050.

Please check out peopleforclimateaction.org and join us in this important work.

Greg Smith


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