Thank you Sen. McAuliffe | Letter

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First District Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe is retiring and not on the ballot this year. McAuliffe has been a powerhouse for our community for many years and we’d like to thank her for her service.

She started out as a parent advocate for her own children attending the Northshore schools, then ran and was elected to the Northshore School Board where she served effectively for many years, and then was elected to the state legislature as the First District Senator. In the State Senate, McAuliffe has been a smart, principled and progressive leader. McAuliffe has always put students and public education first and has always was able to clearly articulate and defend her positions which, by the way, are mainstream to the Northshore community she has served. Occasionally McAuliffe’s position of funding public schools first, before worrying about or funding charter schools, has brought rebuke from other politicians and from some shills for the well-funded charter school lobby. But we’ve never heard Sen. McAuliffe speak badly of another senator or those in disagreement; she always took the high road.

Not surprising that her “can do” attitude has allowed her to work with diverse senators on issues where they found common ground. And while we wish Sen. McAuliffe a well-deserved retirement, we will long remember her legacy as one of the most effective senators in the legislature.

Jayne and Christopher Tracy, Kenmore

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