Third installment of the Trump soap opera | Letter

This is the third installment in the continuing saga of the soap opera called Donald J. Trump.

Letter to the editor

This is the third installment in the continuing saga of the soap opera called Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump is a man with the means, but no reason to run for President. Mr. Trump doesn’t understand the definition of our name “The United States of America”; if he did, he wouldn’t keep on trying to divide this country instead of uniting our country.

Mr. Trump’s supporters say they are backing him because he is an outsider – well lets face facts, Mr. Trump did run for President in 2008, but of course did very poorly, so he dropped out; but Mr. Trump never stopped running for President since 2008. If Mr. Trump’s supporter really wanted an outsider, they should have voted for Ben Carson – a true outsider.

First, in my last saga, Mr. Trump  stated that he wants to build a wall on our southern border to keep out all Latinos from entering our country. Well then, Mr. Trump will have to build a wall along our northern border to keep out anyone coming into our country from Canada. But then he will also have to build a wall on our eastcoast to keep out all people that want to come from Europe. Then he would also have to build another wall on our westcoast to stop people from Asia and the rest of the world. Is Mr. Trump going to cage all Americans like animals? Is Mr. Trump also going to have all American indians prove to him that they are all Native Americans? Did Mr. Trump have to prove he is legal because his family came from Bulgaria?

Second, how can any person even talk or treat any woman like Mr. Trump does? He belittles, degrades and treats them like second-class citizens. He has no respect for any women at all. All women are the backbone of our family and society.

Third, Mr. Trump wants to stop all muslims from entering our country until they are all checked out. Our country is not an isolation country, our doors are open to all people who are living in fear of imprisonment or even death. Mr. Trump is against latinos, blacks, women, muslims and everyone else that doesn’t agree with his ideas. It is really amazing that most world leaders disagree with Mr. Trump and even some leaders won’t even let Mr. Trump enter their country.

Fourth, how can Mr. Trump stand in front of people and say with a straight face and say that Trump University has helped many people (students). Now thousands of Mr. Trump’s ex-students are now suing both him and Trump University for misrepresenting the university. Mr. Trump’s response was “just wait until the case comes in front of a court in two or three years.” Well, Mr. Trump we can’t wait that long for an answer. Does Mr. Trump really think we are all stupid?

Fifth, it is really disgusting that at Mr. Trump’s rallies, if anyone even disagrees with Mr. Trump’s ideas and they try to state their views, they are not just asked to leave but in some cases they are assaulted. At one rally a man was arrested after he punches a protestor.

Mr. Trump had to cancel his rally in Chicago, Ill. because of all the trouble outside of the arena, because protestors and supporters clashed and the police had to be called to restore order.

It seems to me and many others, that Mr. Trump’s rallies are getting more and more violent. I believe before this letter to the editor is printed in the newspaper, there will be someone that will get beaten up very badly or even worse. Mr. Trump even said that if anyone is arrested for violent act, he would pay for their defense. Mr. Trump has never tried to control anyone at his rallies.

We don’t need or want anyone as President who approves of violence. Mr. Trump now is blaming Bernie Sanders for sending protestors to his rally – of course it was another lie.

How can anyone also vote for Mr. Trump now that he is being endorsed by David Duke, a proven KKK leader. As everyone knows, Duke is a racist. Does this mean Mr. Trump is a racist. Come to your own conclusion. Now Mr. Trump says that violence is good for his campaign.

Sixth, even the mainstream of the Republican party has mounted a campaign to stop Mr. Trump, they are showing that he is wrong for Republican party, as well as America.

Finally, if Mr. Trump wants to help, he should join Bill Gates and others and give 90 percent of his worth to help not only America but also the world. The Gate’s Foundation helps with medical research, water supplies, building of schools, hospitals and many other ways.

Mel Aznoff, Kirkland

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