Vote for Ken Smith and Berta Phillips | Letter

I am writing to support Ken Smith and Berta Phillips for Northshore School Board.

I am writing to support Ken Smith and Berta Phillips for Northshore School Board.

I believe both Ken and Berta will make the decisions for both kids and teachers. Both are current and past educators and are asking those tough questions about the accountability and transparency of the finances and programs that the district should be providing for all kids.

It has been very disappointing to see the opposing campaigns go after candidates who are asking those tough questions, and following up for the answers. Both John Hammond and David Cogan have been less that active in public discussion groups, but are receiving financial backing from the unions and other political groups.Which leads me to wonder if they will be a “rubber stamp” for only the issues of the teachers, and not who really matters, which are the kids.

Please be an educated voter, and look at the dialog to see who is looking out for the best interest of your children.

Not only as a parent, but also as a tax payer funding your local schools.
Please  vote for Ken Smith and Berta Phillips.

Dianna Connelly, Bothell

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