Vote for Toyer | Letter

For the past 85-plus years, the Sievers family served Snohomish County in a few roles, but none more public and distinguished than that of Snohomish County treasurer. The recognition given to the family by the county in the naming of the Sievers Plaza is but a small step in recognizing the family’s dedicated and exceptionally competent service to our community.

As we look to electing a new county treasurer this fall, Kirke Sievers left large shoes to fill. As a certified public accountant and attorney in Snohomish County, I recognize the need for a principled, experienced, competent and financially minded replacement to step into those shoes. Having served the county for a term as an elected charter review commissioner, I had a chance to work with the county staff and elected officials in helping set the course for the county for this decade, and in that capacity, was able to better understand the role of the county treasurer’s office and how critical that role is to our bond rating, financial health and property tax collection.

Of the two candidates, only Rob Toyer meets the requirements for formal financial training, community service, fiscal responsibility and long-term focus to step into the large shoes left by Kirke Sievers’ retirement. His service as a Marysville city councilmember is complemented by his professional accounting and tax acumen. This position is one he aspires to from a place of professional and community service. His reason for wanting to serve is best aligned with the spirit set over the last 85 years by the Sievers family, and he will do the best job as our next Treasurer.

Thank you for your distinguished service, Mr. Sievers. It is now up to us, to provide you with a worthy successor. I believe that is Rob Toyer.

Ed Barton


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