What happened to the good-faith negotiations | Letter

Whatever happened to the Wayne Golf Course, and the so-called "good-faith negotiations?”

Whatever happened to the Wayne Golf Course, and the so-called “good-faith negotiations?” Did Bothell Mayor Joshua Freed decide to continue to develop and pave it over? Where will all the trees and wildlife go? What about the salmon, eagles, ducks, raccoons, beavers, etc.? Did Bothell City Councilman Mark Lamb continue to say that “all is well” with the “good-faith” negotiations, while surveyors are scouting the land?

Will 50-plus houses be enough for Mayor Freed (rhymes with greed), to take this last piece of open space from the Bothell public? While it appears that the surveyors are getting ready to cut down the trees, and create a possible land-slide area, will the Bothell citizens allow these developers to continue their schemes? Is the mayor trying to inflate the price with more surveys, which will cause the price of the land to be too expensive for the Bothell citizens?

Will lawyer Mark Lamb (rhymes with scam), reveal that they were able to steal it from the public in “executive session” of the city council?  Will the fact that the Seattle newspapers, and all of the television and radio stations in the area, are portraying our mayor and his lawyer as disreputable people, make any difference? Will the fact that the rest of the city council, King County, and the state of Washington, all want the land to be preserved, have any effect on these Bothell developers?

And, in the long run, with traffic even more out of control, and public safety at risk for emergency vehicles, how do we get to Evergreen Hospital? You can’t get there on 405. With the green space gone, and the fish and wildlife gone, who will really know? Except for the developers and their pocketbooks who profited, and the lack of any more open space in the whole south of Bothell? What happened to the goal of parks and recreation for future generations? It appears that with all of these questions, perhaps it will take the courts and a judge to finally answer them? Especially the part about the land being obtained without public knowledge, through “insider trading,” in the executive session of the council.

Dr. Robert Tadlock, Bothell

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