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Bothell police respond to domestic disturbance at murdered mother's home where estranged husband is living | Update

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May 24, 2013 · Updated 11:39 AM

A motorcycle belonging to the estranged husband of Susann Smith, inset, is parked in the drive way of the home where she was murdered in February. Neighbors have reported that the husband, Allan Smith, and person of interest in the crime is now living in the home. / Matt Phelps, Bothell Reporter

For the second and third times in a little more than a week, Bothell police were called to a home where a mother-of-two was murdered in February. This time the calls were for a domestic disturbance and welfare check.

Alan Justin Smith's estranged wife, Susann Smith, was found murdered in the home on Feb. 12. Police named Alan Smith as a person of interest in the crime and he has since moved back into the home.

Police were called at 1:20 a.m. May 24 by a third party stating that the woman at the residence was "off her medication." The call was for a welfare check.

Smith would not permit the officers inside the home. The officer stated in the police report that the woman "seemed to be having a paranoid episode. She was afraid to speak with me and told me she did not trust me." Smith also stated that he did not trust the responding officer.

The reporting party was referenced in the police report as the woman's father and he told police that he was concerned for her safety since Smith was a person of interest in his estranged wife's murder.

Officers left the residence, with no arrests, a short time later. The woman's father came to pick her up but she returned to the house later that morning, according to the police report.

Bothell police were then called back to the house later that morning by neighbors who witnessed the couple arguing in the front yard.

"It was a domestic call at 6:48 a.m.," said Bothell Sgt. Ken Seuberlich. "The officers contacted a male and female in the front yard."

Smith and the woman were arguing loudly about two ferrets they had recently purchased.

"The parties were separated but no one was arrested," said Seuberlich.

The responding officer stated in the police report that: "[The woman] told me that she is living in a mental health facility, and suffers from PTSD. She also told me she is self-diagnosed as being bi-polar."

A neighbor, who talked to the Reporter on condition of anonymity for fear of their safety, said that the police were at the home for a half hour and the woman left with police a short time later.

The officer wrote in the police report: "[The reporting party] told me that [the woman] called him this morning and told him that [Alan] Smith had two children at his house that he was holding hostage, and he would not let them go. He accompanied [the woman] to Smith's residence by taxi. He was going to call the Bothell P.D. when he arrived in Bothell, but found out that the 'children' [the woman] was talking about were the two ferrets. Smith said that he wanted [the woman] to leave his house. She did not want to leave, and told Smith several times that she loved him and that he was not in a good place, and that he should not be left alone. Smith insisted she leave. [The woman] said that she would not leave without her 'children.' A compromise was reached, and [the woman] left the residence with one of the ferrets."

The report also states that the reporting party and the woman were provided with a courtesy transport to a park and ride where they were going to catch a bus back to Seattle.

Neighbors have been outspoken about their fear of Smith and the circumstances of his wife's death.

Seuberlich said that police are paying close attention to the goings-on at the house.

"Obviously Smith's spouse was murdered and we are still actively working the case," said Seuberlich.

Police have told residents to call 911 if anything is out of sorts in the neighborhood.

"The neighbors have a heightened awareness and the things they are calling us for are valid," said Seuberlich. "We have told them to call us over any suspicious activity. They are doing everything we have asked and they are being responsible."

Police were also called to the home on May 16 for a report of a naked woman at the home.

A neighbor could see the naked 32-year-old Seattle female in the backyard through the fence, according to the police report.

"I should have told you that there is an elderly home next door and they probably saw you," Smith told the woman in front of police.

The woman told police she was sunbathing. Smith, who was in the backyard with the woman, was given a warning and apologized to police. The woman told police she and Smith just started dating and she was unaware that the neighbors could see her.

No one was arrested in the incident. No one has been arrested in connection with Smith's murder either.

"It is infuriating to have to see him on a daily basis carrying on with life as if nothing has happened," said a neighbor who requested anonymity for safety concerns. "His ex-wife has had her life ripped from her brutally as he sits in his backyard singing and playing his guitar, taking weekend trips, and having his new female 'friend' over for stays."

Alan Smith has told neighbors that along with moving back into the house he plans to file for custody of his two young children, who are with Child Protective Services.

Fliers have also appeared near the home with Susann Smith's face and information about her murder. The fliers were removed a short time later.

Susann Smith, 37, was found with defensive wounds on her hands and arms, a fractured skull, 19 separate blunt force strikes and stab wounds to her face and hands, court documents state. She had to be identified by her dental records.

Witness interviews paint a picture of Alan Smith’s frustration with the couple’s custody battle. Susann Smith had threatened to move back to Germany and take the kids, according to court records.

Bothell police found Susann Smith’s body in her bathtub with no signs of sexual assault and the front door unlocked.

Her body was found after her employer, Z2Live, reported that she had not showed up for work.

DNA from the murder scene, along with DNA from a bicycle connected to the crime and matching Allan Smith's credit card records were taken for testing.

Alan Smith also was reported to have inconsistencies and lied to police during questioning, according to search warrant documents. He also had searches on his work computer for a flight from Seattle to Simon Bolivar Airport in Venezuela for one adult and two children and did a search for “will Venezuela extradite to the U.S.,” the search warrant documents continue.

He had also discussed how to kill his ex-wife with an ex-girlfriend, according to court records.

"How can an arrest take this long with all the evidence that has been released?" said a neighbor. "I feel her murder is going unnoticed by many, but in our household it is a daily topic and we cannot wait to see the person put away."

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