Construction signage in Bothell is a mess | Letter

I live in Kirkland but am in Bothell or pass through Bothell every day. I know construction is going on (!) but the signage to get around in or through Bothell is a mess, every day.

I know how to get around but I can’t imagine visiting Bothell a second time after enduring a first time through the maze. Detour signs take you to closed streets or residential areas far from downtown. Streets are marked as closed that are obviously open. Contractors directing traffic (when they do) show little interest in the job.

I feel for Bothell businesses which must really be hurting by now.

I don’t know if the fault is with the contractors or the city, but it is the city’s responsibility to make sure it’s right. At the very least, someone should verify that all the signage before and at the end of the work day is correct.

Neal Underland, Kirkland