Our responsibility | Letter

Risk is entailed in most of the decisions we make and history helps point to the outcome of these choices. Our deductions should be responsible to include historical outcomes as a critical part of our conclusions. Well meaning people take positions that expose them and our society to greater risk than is reasonable in the name of acceptance or compassion. Compassion apart from truth is weakness. It has often been said love takes forms we may not recognize as love can take the form of strict guidelines and principals.

We can’t afford to surrender our foundation in strength beholden in truth and compassion. Appeasement alone leads to weakness and ultimately war. Bold stances founded in truth lead to the betterment of society even though the stance can cost us dearly whether in reputation or the ultimate sacrifice. If our soldiers let down their arms at each difficult circumstance, then what? If Nelson Mandela leaned on comfort rather than bold leadership, then what? If our forefathers surrendered to persecution of church, then what?

Our personal stance is our reasonability and the outcome rests on us solely. Avoidance, complacency and appeasement are decisions in and of themselves. Now is the time to stand for truth, in principle, for a purpose. You can honor men, women, different cultures, and the unborn all while showing compassion and justice. We can maintain principled approaches from a position of strength that do not weaken us economically, spiritually, or morally but rather make us stronger as a nation and in our role in the world. It is our responsibility.

Joshua Freed, Bothell