Jerry Cornfield

Rates won’t rise at 2-year colleges

Community college students received official word Friday they won't be paying higher tuition this fall.

Court may decide $1 billion more for schools is not enough

Washington’s public schools are in line for a much-needed infusion of money from the state, but it may not be enough to get the Supreme Court to ease off lawmakers to do more.

Looking back: The failings and falterings of Inslee and the Legislature | Editorial

Now that the interminable journey of Washington’s 147 lawmakers is over, what is remarkable is how predictable everything turned out.

Schools funding bill may exclude raises for teachers

With lawmakers set to pour as much as $1 billion more into public schools, Senate Republicans want to make sure most of it doesn’t wind up in the pockets of teachers in the form of pay raises.

Rep. DelBene eating on food stamp budget for week | Column

One of the newest members of the Millionaire Club in Congress is getting an idea this week of what it is like to be poor in America.

Special session likely to go to second round for Legislature

It's going to be double overtime for state lawmakers.