Jerry Cornfield

Machinists backing efforts to redo Boeing deal, tie tax breaks to employment levels | Cornfield

The first time area aerospace machinists tried to claw back bits of Washington's ginormous tax break to the Boeing Co., they found themselves up against national leaders of their union and the governor of the state.

Three American questions for presidential candidates | Cornfield

Six years ago Brian Baird walked away from Congress, resettled in Edmonds and refocused on family.

Gov. Inslee’s relationship with the WEA… and charter schools | Cornfield

Gov. Jay Inslee was hanging out with his pals from the Washington Education Association Saturday morning when the subject of charter schools came up.

Not everyone is happy with 405 toll lane changes

Not everyone is pleased the state is letting drivers use the I-405 express toll lanes for free at night and on weekends starting Friday.

News and notes on AG and legislature | Cornfield

Time to catch up on a couple pieces of unfinished business around here.

Why are so many people running to become Washington’s next lieutenant governor? | Cornfield

Why are so many people running to become Washington’s next lieutenant governor?

Report on why the state released inmates due out soon | Cornfield

A report due out as early as Thursday could reveal why the state continued to free inmates early, by mistake, even after workers in the Department of Corrections learned it was happening in late 2012.

Lovick to run for state legislative seat | Cornfield

When voters ousted John Lovick as Snohomish County executive three months ago, it marked his first loss in 13 elections.

Voters will decide the fate of Initiative 732 | Cornfield

A not-so-funny thing happened on the long march to save Washington from the damaging undulations of climate change.

Snohomish County Council decision could ignite political fire storm | Cornfield

The decision by Democratic state Rep. Hans Dunshee to seek a Snohomish County Council seat could help catapult Republicans into the majority in the House next fall.

Lawmakers wont complete school funding plan this year | Cornfield

Eight lawmakers entrusted with drafting a school funding plan in line with the tenets of the state constitution and dictates of the Supreme Court won’t complete their task this year.

Gov. Inslee helping to craft new rule to limit carbon pollution | Cornfield

Nothing like a few days away from the office to get one’s spirit rejuvenated and energy recharged.

Battle over I-1366 may not be over | Cornfield

Voters have spoken and no one could be pleased more by what they said than Tim Eyman.

A changing of the guard in Snohomish County is worth a lot to one family | Cornfield

Voters sent Dave Somers packing in 2001 after one term on the Snohomish County Council in part because pro-development forces made the Democrat’s environmentalism a negative.

Maybe Rep. Paul Ryan will text Sen. Patty Murray his decision | Cornfield

These days, Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray isn’t surprised to get a text from the man who may be the next Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

No Republicans in race for Snohomish County executive | Cornfield

As John Lovick and Dave Somers duel for Snohomish County executive, each would do well to reach out to Republican voters as if the outcome depended on them.

State still be fined for not complying with Supreme Court ruling | Cornfield

Fines are mounting against the state for not having a plan to ensure public schools are adequately funded.

Washington just can’t get this charter school thing down right | Cornfield

Try as it might, Washington just can’t get this charter school thing down right. For years, backers of this privately run, publicly funded model of educating endured rejection by voters worried that diverting public dimes in this manner might sink the state’s school system.

Is Inslee preparing to run for president? | Cornfield

Gov. Jay Inslee isn’t making plans to run for president in 2016. But a onetime political adviser is making the case why Washington’s first-term Democratic governor should go to Iowa and try to win the caucuses – even if he doesn’t want the job.

Letters still being sent for failing schools in Washington | Cornfield

Public schools are not just underfunded by the state as Washington’s Supreme Court has made abundantly clear.