Jerry Cornfield

Inslee can’t throw the switch | Cornfield

Jay Inslee endorsed the death penalty for his entire political career. But once the Democrat became governor and got his finger on the switch, he realized he couldn’t push it.

Governor puts education, taxes back on Legislature’s table | Cornfield

Gov. Jay Inslee’s call to raise money for schools by closing tax breaks put the education funding debate back in the laps of lawmakers this week and in the conversation with voters this fall.

State government attempts to get past rhetoric to a transportation plan | Cornfield

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and Republican Sen. Curtis King may have set down their poison pens but are no closer to forging agreement on a transportation funding package.

Unanswered questions from 2013 | Cornfield

The year 2013 left a ration of questions to be answered in the course of 2014. Here is a sampling.

Preview of coming attractions and distractions for lawmakers | Cornfield

A preview of coming attractions and distractions for lawmakers next year can be found in the pile of legislation awaiting them when they return to Olympia in January.

I-517 defeat may have cost Tim Eyman more than pride | Cornfield

Tim Eyman may wind up losing more from this month's election than just an initiative.

Why voters put the kibosh on food labeling | Cornfield

Initiative 522 is failing to pass for more reasons than just the $22 million opponents shelled out to defeat it.

Big changes on the horizon following election | Cornfield

With the curtain all but closed on the fall election, Democrats will turn their attention to filling two jobs critically important for the political party’s future in Olympia and throughout the state.

Partisan fight feeds campaign coffers | Cornfield

Nothing feeds a politician’s campaign coffers quite like a good partisan fight.

Halsey, the most important man in public education | Column

Joshua Halsey is about to become one of the most important people in public education in Washington.

Companies donate millions to defeat food labeling initiative I-522

Opponents of a food labeling initiative are gearing up to air their first television commercials in an ad campaign expected to cost millions of dollars and run up to Election Day in November.

Koster allegations proven false from 2012 campaign against DelBene | Column

You can close the book on an allegation which captivated attention in the waning days of the 2012 congressional contest between Republican John Koster and Democrat Suzan DelBene. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t true.

The battle for public records | The Petri Dish

Those looking for a more transparent government are increasingly relying on public records to make it happen.They hope the more documents they obtain the clearer their view of what’s really going on behind closed doors in school districts, city halls and county buildings.

With Inslee on vacation, Republicans regroup for 2016 | Column

Gov. Jay Inslee is enjoying a two-week vacation hiking in Alaska probably thinking little about a second term.

Glimmer of hope for a transportation funding proposal | Column

Democrats in the state House of Representatives triggered quite a political storm this year with their plan to raise billions of dollars for transportation by, among other means, hiking the gas tax by a dime a gallon.

Initiative filed by Bothell man would name Skagit River bridge for Eyman

Tim Eyman's thousands of supporters throughout the state may get a chance next year to put the anti-tax guru's name on the rebuilt Skagit River bridge on I-5.

What does a typical work day look like for school teachers | Column

Those wondering what public school teachers do all day are going to get an answer.

Rates won’t rise at 2-year colleges

Community college students received official word Friday they won't be paying higher tuition this fall.

Court may decide $1 billion more for schools is not enough

Washington’s public schools are in line for a much-needed infusion of money from the state, but it may not be enough to get the Supreme Court to ease off lawmakers to do more.

Looking back: The failings and falterings of Inslee and the Legislature | Editorial

Now that the interminable journey of Washington’s 147 lawmakers is over, what is remarkable is how predictable everything turned out.