Freedom Water 5 Filtration System Reviews – Real Five Filter Pitcher or Scam?

Increased toxin ranges in the human body are the leading cause of various health problems. Some reports suggest that the water most Americans are consuming is the primary cause of joint issues, brain fog, weight gain, irregular blood sugar, and premature aging.

You must drink enough water to maintain homeostatic balance and prevent the onset of diseases. However, Paul Grabowski claims that the US government is contaminating the water with compound, F, among other toxins. Without a proper filtration system, the pollutants and harmful compounds alter cellular health and metabolic processes, leading to serious health issues.

The Freedom Water 5 is an easy-to-use pitcher that provides clean and healthy water. How does the filtration system work? Is it effective? Who can use it? Please continue reading to learn about Freedom Water 5 and how it may augment your health.

About Freedom Water 5 Filtration Pitcher

The Freedom Water 5 is a revolutionary water pitcher designed to filter water, making it clean and safe for drinking. It uses cutting-edge technology to eliminate harmful chemicals from the water, which is believed to cause numerous health challenges. The pitcher is easy to use, lightweight, and cost-effective.

The Freedom Water 5 pitcher is a product of advanced technologies and rigorous studies. As the name suggests, the water undergoes a five-stage filtration process, eliminating all contaminants, including heavy metals, compound F, and other toxins. It also enriches the drinking water with two potent alloys proven to enhance your wellness. Therefore, drinking water from the Freedom Water 5 pitcher quenches our thirst and augments our health.

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How Does the Freedom Water 5 System Work?

Damning reports show that Americans have been drinking low-quality and contaminated water for centuries. Adding certain chemicals to water was first thought to prevent common dental problems. However, new research shows that the added compounds are detrimental to health and cause serious health problems with time.

Freedom Water 5 developer accuses the US government of putting harmful components in the drinking water. Some chemicals such as PFAs and Fluoride ARE present in the “clean” water in bottles and taps. These components can cause ADHD, obesity, infertility, mental problems, and other health problems.

How does the Freedom Water 5 system provide clean and safe drinking water? According to the makers, the pitcher is effective thanks to its five-layer filtration processes that remove most chemical pollutants, including heavy metals. How does it work?

  1. Activated Charcoal Filter: People have used activated charcoal to fight poisoning for centuries. The filtration method is effective and is trusted by giants, including NASA and the US military. The activated charcoal filter is the first layer of the Freedom Water 5 system. It acts as a safety net that removes and traps impurities and toxins.
  2. Ion Exchange Filter: The Freedom Water 5 uses advanced molecular science technology to eliminate harsh chemicals and impurities from the drinking water. According to Freedom Water 5 system developers, the ion exchange technology changes the water into its purest form, making it natural and safe for drinking.
  3. Metal Alloy Filter: Apart from quenching your thirst, the Freedom Water 5 uses two metal alloys to improve water quality. The two proprietary metal alloy filters ensure maximum purification. The filter eliminates the contaminants that cause mental fog, premature aging, health problems, and cravings.

The Freedom Water 5 pitcher is made from BPA-free and toxin-free plastic. It does not introduce contaminants to the water. Instead, it purifies the drinking water, making it safe and healthy. The pitcher employs an ABS plastic technology that ensures it remains durable for extended periods. The Freedom Water 5 system is easy to maintain and clean.

The inclusion of fluoride or compound F into drinking water started at the dawn of the 21ST century. According to various reports, the compound addressed multiple dental issues, including fluorosis. However, several studies suggest that it is a cause of several severe health problems, including ADHD, mental fog, obesity, and premature aging.

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Features of the Freedom Water 5 System

The creators of the Freedom Water 5 describe it as a revolutionary five-step filtration system. It combines US military grade and NASA technology to purify and nourish drinking water. Below are some of its unique features:

  • Lightweight: The Freedom Water 5 pitcher is made from portable materials. It is light, making it handy even for young children. The filtrating decanter is robust and compact. You can carry it around to make your drinking water clean and safe.
  • Durable: The Freedom Water 5 is made from durable materials. The jug is created using high-quality ABS materials free from BPA and other harmful components. The creator assures the consumers that the decanter is stable and likely to withstand mild falls.
  • Multiple Filtration Steps: The Freedom Water 5 system guarantees drinking water users are free from common contaminants such as compound F and heavy metals. Each drop supposedly exudes purity thanks to the five-step filtration process. At each stage, the water is made clean and nutritious.
  • Seamless and Stylish Design: Freedom Water 5 is a user-centric decanter for all users. It features a flip-top lid that makes refilling hassle-free and stylish. The jug is not hideous; on the contrary, it gives you the desire to hydrate, which can augment your health.

The Freedom Water 5 system developers claim the decanter gives you the hope of drinking quality water. It is marketed as a beacon of hope for people afraid of using tap or bottled water. You can invest in multiple Freedom Water 5 decanters to ensure you drink healthy and quality water regardless of location.

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Benefits of Freedom Water 5 System

The Freedom Water 5 system maker claims that drinking water from the reservoir can power your metabolism. The filter does not add anything to the water. However, it eliminates pathogens and toxins that slow your metabolism, robbing you of energy. Drinking from the Freedom Water 5 can supercharge nervous production and calorie-burning processes.

Freedom Water 5 decanter eliminates the harmful toxins that support unhealthy inflammations. Drinking from the filtering jug can soothe rashes, thus eliminating certain chronic illnesses, including joint aches.

The alloys in the Freedom Water 5 filtering system can boost brain power. It gives the brain the energy to augment mental clarity, focus, and memory.

The decanter encourages you to hydrate regularly. It can fortify cellular and skin health.

Drinking water from the Freedom Water 5 decanter can reduce stress and anxiety. Some users claim that the water calms the nerves and relaxes you, making it easy to fall asleep.

The Freedom Water 5 protects you against common toxins such as PFAS and fluoride, which are proven to disrupt your health.

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How to Use Freedom Water 5 Pitcher

  • Set up the cartridge in the designated spot
  • Fill water via the small lid at the top of the decanter
  • Wait for the purification process for 2-4 minutes
  • Pour out the water from the Freedom Water 5 system into a glass and drink it.

Customers should replace the Freedom Water 5 system’s cartridge regularly. Additionally, place the pitcher in a cool and dry place, preferably away from direct sunlight.



Customers should prioritize purchasing the Freedom Water 5 system only via the official website. There are various packages available depending on your budget and needs. A 180-day money-back guarantee covers each Freedom Water 5 pitcher you buy. Contact customer service: Toll-Free: 1-855-236-1721


The Freedom Water 5 system is marketed as a hydration haven. The pitcher is spacious, portable, and automatic, making it easy for you and your loved ones to get quality drinking water. Freedom Water 5 system adopts NASA and military-grade technology to ensure every drop is healthy, safe, and tasty. The decanter is easy to use and maintain.

The makers of Freedom Water 5 argue that drinking water from the Freedom Water 5 pitcher has many benefits. It can revolutionize your health, giving you a cognitive and energy boost. It may also soothe inflammation and support healthy aging.

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