Radia Shield Reviews: Does RadiaShield Really Protect for Radiation Exposure?

Radia Shield is a daily supplement that helps consumers protect themselves from radiation exposure at all ages. This formula is safe for anyone, though it is not meant for anyone with an iodine allergy.

What is Radia Shield?

Most people don’t realize that they are at risk of radiation exposure. However, the creators behind a new supplement called Radia Shield believe that the federal government is hiding a remedy that could protect everyone. While officials have complete and unrestricted access to this ingredient, most consumers are left without even the details of what it could be.

The creator of Radia Shield – Paul Grabowski – recently put out a book and a documentary to reach millions of Americans about these concerns. As he learned more about the weakness of the national power grid, he realized that more needs to be done to protect the population. Considering that 184 million people live near nuclear power plants in the country, focusing on the best way to protect them from radiation exposure should be a priority. That’s where Radia Shield comes in.

Radia Shield helps consumers protect themselves from dangerous radiation in their everyday lives. It can also be used to protect you from a major event that would cause significant radiation exposure.

Right now, consumers have the unique opportunity to purchase one of the 100 bottles produced in a small batch. Grabowski expresses that this remedy isn’t cheap to make, so it is only offered for a limited time. Consumers will need to submit an order while the website is still up to get the desired effects, or they risk waiting far longer for the next batch to be available. Since many people already have had the chance to try it for themselves, getting the remedy while it is still available is essential.

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Why Does Radiation Exposure Happen?

The reason that this support is so important is because of what could potentially happen if a nuclear disaster takes place. According to Grabowski, this type of explosion would cause the release of a substantial amount of radioactive iodine. Since the body naturally requires a certain amount of thyroid to maintain hormones and regulate metabolism, it absorbs the iodine.

Unfortunately, the body doesn’t have a way of differentiating between radioactive iodine and safe iodine. The thyroid gland absorbs the radiation, which eventually leads to the development of cancer cells. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, even a small explosion or leak could cause over 50,000 cases of cancer, even impacting children.

The idea behind this supplement is that it can protect the body from absorbing dangerous radiation. Grabowski states that he gained access to a Pentagon document showing the radiation-blocking ingredient they would use. This specific ingredient is meant to help the officials and their families, and they’ve had access for over two decades. However, the ingredient must be used immediately after radioactive exposure to have any effect.

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Potassium Iodide: The Main Ingredient in Radia Shield

Consumers get necessary support with Radia Shield because Grabowski considers an exclusive active ingredient that the government uses – KI. KI, or potassium iodide, is commonly found in many supplements in grocery stores nowadays. However, the concentration dramatically falls short of what could protect consumers in a dangerous event.

Potassium iodide is a stable salt of iodine. It isn’t radioactive but essential for the human body’s natural production of thyroid hormones. It is primarily found in the food consumers eat, but there is no way to eat enough in the typical diet to make a difference. The amount in Radia Shield offers enough support to provide protection from the event. While the medications prescribed to government officials are supposed to be used immediately during radiation exposure, this remedy helps users build up enough in their bodies to offer protection.

With no other ingredients, consumers can get this formula without any prescription or even a doctor’s recommendation. Even in high concentrations, there is no health risk to the user, and consumers will get the natural support this affords. The formula is meant to help users in case of a risk of radiation exposure, but it also nourishes their thyroid gland.

Consumers who currently have to medicate themselves for the regulation of their thyroid gland might want to speak with their doctor before using it. Since using potassium iodide offers users the benefits of the essential nutrient iodine, users with an allergy should not use this formula. Luckily, with just one capsule a day – either mixed with a drink or swallowed whole, consumers can defend themselves from the dangerous radiation that threatens their well-being.

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Using Radia Shield

Radia Shield can only give consumers the benefits they want if they take it daily. Consumers typically need to use it for 14 days to get the complete protection that Grabowski intended for it to have.

The formula for this radiation protection supplement is a powder packed into a capsule. Users get enough of the formula to last for a month, and users only need the equivalent of a capsule a day to get the effects. Many users swallow it with water like any other supplement, but the capsule is easy enough to break open and empty its contents into a beverage.

No other changes are needed to get the desired effects of Radia Shield. Users won’t need to change their diet, exercise, or even adjust the other supplements they take. However, if you experience a bad reaction, you should seek medical support immediately.

Purchasing Radia Shield

The only opportunity consumers will have to purchase Radia Shield is through the official website. The website has several packages available, though the best prices come with subscription packages that are discounted for a limited time.


Choose from:

  • Order a one-month supply for $41
  • Order a three-month supply for $105
  • Order a six-month supply for $167

Consumers can choose a one-time purchase for their order, but they’ll lose the 10% savings of the subscription order. The best price comes with automatic deliveries of a 6-month supply. For a limited time, all of the packages come with free shipping. If you enroll in a subscription as part of the initial order, you will receive their next shipment on a consistent schedule. The automatic deliveries can be canceled anytime, though consumers have up to 90 days to request a refund if they aren’t happy with their purchase.

  • Email: support@getradiashield.com
  • Telephone: 1-866-887-3886

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Frequently Asked Questions About Radia Shield

Q: How does Radia Shield stand out from other KI supplements?

A: While major retailers have many KI supplements available, their potency falls significantly short of Radia Shield. Consumers could only get the same support by taking 800+ tablets daily. Luckily, the creators of this formula packed everything into one capsule a day.

Q: How long does each bottle of Radia Shield last?

A: With each bottle of Radia Shield, consumers will have enough of the regimen to last for an entire month of use.

Q: How do consumers use Radia Shield?

A: To get the benefits Radia Shield’s creators claim, users need to take a capsule a day. However, since this formula is compressed into a powder, users can also break it open to add to a drink for anyone who struggles to swallow capsules. Users need to maintain the regimen for two consecutive weeks to get radiation protection.

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Q: Is Radia Shield safe?

A: Yes. The creators explain that this formula is meant to make consumers safer, and there are no side effects associated with its use.

Q: Is Radia Shield a good match for anyone?

A: While these products work for any age, the creators recommend avoiding this formula if they are allergic to iodine. However, there are no other risks.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes. This purchase comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee for a complete refund unless the user is satisfied. To get ahold of the customer service team, call 1-866-887-3886 or send an email to support@getradiashield.com.


Radia Shield allows consumers to improve their health after radiation exposure. While the formula is primarily made to protect users from a future event that the federal government expects, consistently using this potassium iodide supplement is also beneficial for the thyroid gland. It isn’t a replacement for medical support, but it offers a well-known mineral that consumers naturally need daily. Since the formula comes with a money-back guarantee, consumers can also try it without losing their investment.

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