Scannero.io Review – Cheap Scam or Really Track the Location of Any Phone Number?

Do you know where your partner is right now? Are your kids late home from school? The world is dangerous, and anything can happen to anyone at any time of day. If you’re not with your loved ones, how will you know where they are?

Scannero.io gives you a practical, functional, effective, and affordable way to contact the people you care about and collect their location data. The Scannero.io only requires a phone number to track by number and is ideal for reaching out to old friends you haven’t seen in years or finding the location of anyone you love.

Scannero has a global reach and can find any number in any country on any network.

Introducing Scanner.io – The Ultimate Tracking Tool

If you’re desperately trying to find someone you know, use Scannero to do the heavy lifting. This convenient service tracks the phone number of the person and device you want to locate, giving you precise GPS coordinates of its current location.

If you want to find someone at an event or wonder where your kids are, use Scannero.io. There are dozens of applications for this helpful technology. Locate your partner, find an old friend, or check in with your aging parents when they vacation.

Scannero doesn’t require you to have any technical skills, and there’s no coding involved in operating the service. This cloud-based platform doesn’t install on your device. It’s a third-party app that doesn’t consume your device’s or PC’s local resources, and there’s no slowing system performance.

Scannero works on any cellular network in any country, and there’s no need to install any apps on the target device to obtain its location data. Just open the Scannero browser, type in the number of the device you want to track, and start the search.

You don’t need physical access to the target device to track it; Scannero can find it with the phone number alone. After entering the target phone number, the owner receives a text message asking them for permission to access their location data.

The recipient taps the approval button, and you instantly review their location in your Scannero account dashboard. You can also send a customized message to them to ensure they know you are issuing the request and not a spammer or scammer.


Follow this simple three-step process to locate the target device.

Step #1 – Create Your Scannero.IO Account

  • Start by entering your email and choosing a password to safeguard your account. Enter the phone number of the device you want to track.

Step #2 – Send the Location Request to the Target Device

  • Scannero.IO searches cellular networks to locate the target device, sending it a location data request.

Step #3 – Receive the Target Device Location Data

  • Get the GPS coordinates and exact location data of the device using the requested phone number and use the dashboard map to view the location.

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Scannero.IO – Features and Functions

Scannero is a highly functional and useful tool with a variety of features. Here’s what you can expect from subscribing to this innovative technology.

Location by Link

Scannero lets you generate and share a link via messenger, text, or email. When the targeted device receives and opens the link, the user gets instant access to your location data.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Scannero gives you caller ID functionality. You’ll identify spam calls and people you don’t want to speak to before picking up the call.

Reverse Username Lookup

You can use Scannero to run background checks on people you meet online. Enter their username into the app and uncover linked accounts on social media and dating apps.

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Send the Target Phone a Text Message

If you lose your phone, Scannero allows you to text the device, notifying the person who finds it and how to get it back.

Send the Target Phone a Voice Message

If you want to send an anonymous message to the target device, type it out. Scannero utilizes AI voice technology to create the voice message. The recipient won’t know it’s from you.

Check for Phone & Email Leaks

Scannero helps you secure the privacy of your sensitive data. The system checks databases for your personal information and notifies you if it finds any of our data online.

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Scanner.IO – FAQ

Q: Does Scanner.io locate iOS, Android, and Windows devices?

A: Yes. Scannero operates on all mobile devices from any manufacturer. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. You’ll locate the device anywhere worldwide as long as the SIM card is installed on the phone or tablet.

Q: How fast does Scannero find the location of a cell phone?

A: It takes Scannero around two minutes to locate the target device after entering it into the system. During this time, the target device’s owner receives the request message for tracking. You get instant access to their location as soon as they approve it.

Q: Can Scannero track phones without SIM cards in the targeted device?

A: Scannero can track the device if the owner changes the SIM card but keeps the same phone number. You’ll need to know if they change their number to activate Scannero.

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Q: Is Scannero phone number tracker legal?

A: According to the Information Commissioner’s Office, tracking another person’s cell phone is legal, provided they consent to it. When Scannero locates the target device, it sends a text message to the phone owner, asking for approval to track the numbers’ location data.

Scannero circumvents any legal issues surrounding the tracking of personal devices by sending the target device a tracking request. If the user accepts, it’s as good as confirmation that they allow you to track them.

Q: Can Scannero track a stolen cell phone?

A: Scannero is an online cloud solution that operates on any device. You can use the service to localize the number of any stolen device. However, the target device must have an active SIM card. If the thief removes it, there’s no way for Scannero to locate it.

Purchase Scannero.IO

Consumers can get the Scannero.IO for the initial cost of $0.89 for a one-day trial. They will then be charged $49.80 monthly until they cancel using the information below. Customers can cancel anytime if they only need the app for a few months. Contact can be made using the following:

  • https://scannero.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests
  • +357 25 263 284

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