Should You Try NuRal Supplement for Effective Memory and Cognitive Support?

Aging people worry about losing their brain health and becoming a burden to their loved ones. Forgetting simple things, such as the names and faces of others, can be frustrating and worrisome. The inability to follow a conversation because of cognitive issues can lead to loneliness and isolation.

A new memory molecule breakthrough is helping thousands of consumers enjoy crystal-clear memory, unwavering focus, and improved mental sharpness. NuRal is an all-natural supplement that contains ingredients to augment cognition and memory. How does it work?

Brand Overview

Name NuRal dietary supplement
Manufacturer NuPurity
Creator Jordan Swanson
Ingredients Niacin, vitamin B6, Folate, Garden Sage, Bacopa monnieri, holy basil, and ginger powder
  • NuRal can improve memory
  • NuRal can restore cognitive abilities
  • It could raise IQ levels
  • NuRal can lower brain fog and mental fatigue
  • The cognitive booster can promote focus, learning, and creativity
  • Dosage Consume two NuRal capsules in the morning or evening
    Pricing Pricing on the official website starts at $59.00 to $39.00 Each
    Refund Policy 90-day money-back guarantee

    What is NuRal Nootropic Supplement?

    NuRal is a dietary supplement using natural ingredients to augment brain health. It has multiple clinically proven ingredients to restore and elevate CaMKII or the memory-boosting molecule. The creator, Jordan Swanson, claims the nootropic has undergone comprehensive research.

    The nootropic formulation is safe and reliable. NuRal claims to address the root cause of mental decline, particularly in aging folks. It helps in eliminating amyloid plaque and other toxins that lower CaMKII levels. Additionally, it delivers herbs, minerals, and antioxidants to rejuvenate the neurons, repair brain cells, and support overall brain health.

    Each NuRal capsule is created in a GMP-certified facility. It contains no chemicals, fillers, stimulants, hormones, and other harmful additives. NuPurity shares that the nootropic support formula is natural and free from side effects. NuRal is for anyone looking to augment and protect mental health.

    How Does NuRal Work?

    For decades, age-related mental and memory decline has been associated with amyloid plaque buildup. However, NuRal’s creator argues that inadequate amounts of a specific memory molecule are the root of brain fog, fatigue, and forgetfulness. The formulator argues that genetics, diet, and lifestyle have nothing to do with memory loss.

    NuRal supplement floods your system with a breakthrough molecule, flipping the memory switch back on. Some neuroscientists refer to CaMKII, or memory molecule, which is Calcium–calmodulin (CaM)-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) and is the most abundant protein in excitatory synapses and is central to synaptic plasticity, learning, and memory. It’s also known as the “holy grail of neuroscience.” Using it regularly gives you a sharp memory, keen mental alertness, better moods, and remarkable recall.

    NuPurity is the creator of NuRal dietary supplements. The formulator, Jordan Swanson, claims the nootropic uses natural and clinically approved ingredients to raise the levels of CaMKII, aka the memory molecules.

    The key ingredients in NuRal stop the toxins and amyloid plaque, suppressing the quality and quantity of CaMKII. Additionally, the supplement boosts blood flow to the brain, thus delivering the required nutrients to the brain cells. Also, NuRal combats inflammations that prevent the neurons from absorbing and repairing nutrients.

    Using NuRal regularly restores the balance of CaMKII in the brain. According to Swanson Jordan, the nootropic can restore cognitive abilities and memory regardless of age and health. He argues that most people experience better energy levels, improved motivation, and razor-sharp memory after using NuRal for a few weeks.

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    NuRal Ingredients


    NuRal dietary supplement contains multiple ingredients clinically proven to support memory. Customers can access the nutrient list via the official website or product label. The nootropic is made in a GMP-certified facility using natural and potent super nutrients. All the components are double-checked for purity. It has zero fillers, preservatives, and chemicals.

    Each NuRal capsule is designed with slow-release technology to optimize how much memory-boosting nutrients the body can absorb. NuPurity claims the nutrients are in the correct dosages to flood your system with the memory-boosting miracle molecule.


    Cognivia is a patented blend of concentrated Spanish sage oil and Garden sage extract. The two raise CaMKII levels, thus naturally boosting memory and other cognitive skills. How does the sage blend work?

    Organic Sage Extract

    NuRal supplement contains high-quality organic sage extract. The Mediterranean herb floods the brain with memory-boosting molecules. Organic Sage Oil can restore crystal-clear memory and improve mood, focus, learning, and mental energy. The memory-restoring antioxidant has been in use for centuries to manage cognitive issues. Scientific findings reveal that using organic sage extract for 29 days can boost brain power. It can enhance short-term memory levels by 311%.

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    Organic Concentrated Spanish Sage Oil

    NuRal supplement creator argues that the concentrated Spanish sage oil improves mental energy, allowing thoughts, memories, and ideas to flow 21X faster. A publication in the American Journal reveals that the nutrient can boost memory recall by over 646% in under six hours. The concentrated Spanish sage oil can augment your thinking speed by over 20005 and naturally elevate CaMKII levels.

    Holy Basil

    Historical evidence reveals that Hindus refer to holy basil as a sacred herb that can nourish the mind. A publication in the Molecular Pharmacology journal shows that the herb can release a tidal wave of CaMKII inside the brain. Other scientific studies reveal that holy basil can augment memory recall by 3X and increase focus by 206%. The herb can also boost the speed of memory retrieval, allowing you to remember minute details quickly.

    Bacopa Monnieri

    NuRal formulator refers to Bacopa monnieri as a brain-boosting ingredient. The Southeast Asian herb is proven to release acetylcholine neurotransmitters, which aid in the repair of brain neurons. Bacopa monnieri supports the rejuvenation and production of healthy brain cells. It works with other NuRal ingredients to surge the memory-boosting molecule by over 300%.

    In one study involving consumers above 55, consuming Bacopa monnieri increased their thinking speed by 16% and focus by 33%. Additionally, the Southeast Asian nutrient doubles the information you can remember.

    Levofolinic Acid

    NuRal claims that Levofolinic acid repairs, nourishes, and rejuvenates the brain. It is a form of vitamin B9 essential in keeping the brain cells healthy and in optimal ranges. The active vitamin can easily pass the blood-brain barrier, delivering quality nutrients. Studies show that low Levofolinic acid levels cause the brain neurons to wither and die.

    NuRal dietary supplement contains a potent dosage of Levofolinic acid to augment CaMKII levels. It can restore cognitive abilities, including memory recall, focus, learning, and thinking. The ingredient stimulates the growth of new brain cells, boosting IQ levels, enhancing logical reasoning, and increasing verbal frequency.

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    NuPurity recommends consuming two easy-to-swallow NuRal capsules in the morning or before bed. The cognitive enhancer is for anyone looking to enhance their cognition and brain health. You can use NuRal regardless of age, genetics, health status, and lifestyle.


    Benefits of NuRal Supplement

    • NuRal increases your hyper-focus and alertness
    • The memory booster can make your recall ability sharper and more vivid
    • It can augment long-term and short-term memories
    • Can fight brain fog
    • It can keep you calm, motivated, and happier
    • NuRal can enhance your physical and mental performance
    • It can restore vibrant energy and slow aging
    • NuRal can prevent age-related cognitive decline

    NuPurity NuRal Pricing

    You can buy NuRal only through the official website. NuPurity is giving discounts on all orders for a limited period. Customers should take advantage of the discounted bulk offers for free shipping when ordering over three bottles of NuRal.

    • One Bottle $59.00 + $9.95 Shipping Fee
    • Three Bottles $49.00 Each + Free Shipping
    • Six Bottles $39.00 Each + Free Shipping

    Refund Policy: A 90-day empty bottle money-back guarantee covers each NuRal bottle you purchase. Customers are asked to contact the company first by phone to start a refund process at:

    • Refund Phone Support: 844-678-0955
    • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/
    • Product Support Email: https://nupurity.com/pages/contact

    Final Word

    NuRal is a cognitive booster using natural ingredients to surge the levels of memory-boosting molecules. The nootropic rejuvenates the brain cells, surges energy levels, and boosts CaMKII levels. Two capsules of NuRal daily can augment your memory, thinking abilities, mental energy, focus, and overall cognition. You can buy the cognitive enhancer only through the official NuRal website.


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