Top 5 Online Therapy Platforms That Meet Your Therapy Needs

Mental health is an important part of our lives. It’s how we think, feel, and act. It impacts how we handle stress, relate to others, achieve success, and make choices. And it allows us to live our happy, productive lives to the fullest. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it and seek help if needed.

We all have times when we need some extra help, and that’s where therapy comes in. Therapy can help us learn new coping skills, work through difficult emotions, and understand ourselves better. It can also help us build stronger relationships and feel more connected to the world around us.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to make positive changes in your life, online therapy may be the right choice for you. With online therapy, you can access help from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to fit the sessions into your busy schedule.

Also, it offers a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques that can meet your specific needs – whether you’re looking for emotional abuse therapy, anxiety counseling, relationships therapy, LGBTQI+ counseling, or addiction therapy.

So if you’re interested in online therapy, here are 5 platforms that might be a good fit for your needs.

5 Top Online Therapy Platforms for 2022 and What They’re the Best At

  1. Calmerry – Best online therapy platform for a personalized mental health care
  2. Brightside – Best space for science-backed online therapy & psychiatry services
  3. Pride Counseling – Best online therapy platform for the LGBTQI+ community
  4. AmWell – Best comprehensive behavioral telehealth platform
  5. Faithful Counseling – Best spiritually informed online therapy

#1. Calmerry – Best online therapy platform for a personalized mental health care


  • Available therapists from your state
  • Their team vets only licensed and background-checked therapists
  • Matching takes less than 1 hour, and it’s personalized
  • Flexible scheduling (you can book the time for live sessions that works for you)
  • Prompt personal assistant and client support available 24/7
  • HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Individual matching based on your needs and free switching
  • Free mental health toolbox with useful resources
  • Web and app access
  • Client-friendly refund policies


  • Your therapist is chosen for you
  • Live video sessions are short (30 minutes long)
  • No family therapy and no group sessions
  • No psychiatry services
  • No insurance coverage
  • You can’t talk to a therapist on the phone

What Is Calmerry?

Calmerry is a HIPAA-compliant online therapy and counseling platform. The team states that their mission is to provide access to quality and personalized mental health care to everyone when they need it. They focus on a client’s personal therapy needs and try to ensure consistent well-being progress through therapy and self-help features.

Calmerry is available in 50 states and vets state-licensed mental health professionals who specialize in a wide range of mental health problems. Calmerry can help you achieve your goals and ensure smooth therapy sessions that lead to long-lasting changes.

You can talk to your therapist via asynchronous chat, audio messages, and live video calls. The platform lets you schedule and have sessions from any device with the web version or mobile apps.

H3: How Much Is Online Therapy on Calmerry?

According to therapy-reviews.com, Calmerry offers 3 flexible monthly plans, each with a 30% discount on the first month. You can easily manage your subscriptions, adjusting the plans to your needs, or canceling anytime. For example, you can add extra video sessions to your cart: 1 for $45, 2 for $42 each, or 4 for $40 each.

Also, Calmerry offers occasional promo codes.

Here are the Calmerry plans for online therapy:

  • Monthly Messaging – $167.96/4 weeks ($227.96 full)
  • Monthly Messaging plus 1 Live Video – $207.96/4 weeks ($297.96 full)
  • Monthly Messaging plus 4 Live Videos – $269.96/4 weeks ($359.96 full)

Besides online therapy, you also get access to their mental health toolbox (mood tracker Coa, journaling, and library with helpful resources). It’s free for anyone, but with a subscription, you can get the most out of it by working together with your therapist.

Also, Calmerry builds supportive communities on its Instagram and Facebook pages.

#2. Brightside – Best space for science-backed online therapy & psychiatry services


  • Online therapy, medication, or both
  • Focused on treating anxiety and depression
  • Precise FDA-approved medication prescription with the tech-built PrecisionRx tool
  • Can be covered by insurance
  • Weekly check-ins with your provider
  • An evidence-based approach to treatment
  • Free self-help tools
  • You can track and measure your progress
  • Offers medication delivered right to your door


  • Prices for online therapy are above the average
  • Limited range of mental health conditions treated
  • You can’t reach out to your doctor from your side anytime
  • Short live video sessions (30 minutes long)
  • Some clients report impersonal communication and treatment
  • You may experience medication shipping issues

What Is Brightside?

Brightside Health is a telehealth company that provides a holistic approach to treating adults suffering from anxiety or depression disorders by offering medication, therapy, or both.

Brightside also offers a range of online therapy options to help you cope with anxiety and depression. Besides talk therapy, their treatment approach involves interactive exercises and audio lessons. Your plan includes unlimited text messaging with a provider and one weekly 30-minute live video call. All of Brightside’s therapists are fully licensed mental health professionals.

The Brightside Psychiatric Team consists of a group of caring trained professionals who evaluate clients, diagnose their conditions, and create treatment plans with them. Their full list of available medications can be found on their website.

Also, Brightside uses its in-build tech tools to help you track your progress and get precise prescriptions.

How Much Is Online Therapy & Psychiatry on Brightside?

You can choose among three Brightside plans: Medication, Therapy, and Medication + Therapy.

  • The Medication plan costs $95 per month (without your pharmacy copay).
  • The Therapy-only plan costs $299 per month. It includes unlimited messaging and 4 live video sessions. You can buy more video sessions for $59 each.
  • The combined features of both plans come together in the Medication + Therapy plan for $349 per month (without your pharmacy copay).

#3. Pride Counseling – Best online therapy platform for the LGBTQI+ community


  • Focus on the specific issues for the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Increased confidentiality, discretion, and security
  • Fully licensed therapists who can provide LGBTQI+ affirming support
  • Various communication options
  • Financial aid can be applied if you qualify
  • Easy-to-use app


  • No therapists bios on the website
  • Not many plans
  • No medication management services
  • Algorithm-based matching
  • No real-time client support

What Is Pride Counseling?

For members of the LGBTQIA+ community, seeking online therapy or counseling can be a daunting experience. They need those experienced and affirming professionals who understand the specific needs and challenges they face every day. But it was hard to find them, and as a result, many people in the LGBTQIA+ community struggle in silence, afraid to reach out for help.

Pride Counseling was created as a safe space for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Here, everyone can find licensed therapists who are understanding and supportive.

In addition, Pride Counseling offers therapy at an affordable price, making it accessible to everyone in the community. By offering a safe and welcoming space for people to heal, Pride Counseling is helping to create a better and happier future for the LGBTQIA+ community.

You can talk to a licensed therapist via unlimited text messages or live sessions via video, text, or phone.

How Much Is Online Therapy on Pride Counseling?

Online therapy on Pride Counseling offers a flat price from $60 to $90 per week (billed monthly or weekly). The price may vary depending on the provider, your location, and your preferences. The plan includes unlimited messaging and a weekly live video session.


#4. AmWell – Best comprehensive behavioral telehealth platform


  • Only licensed therapists and psychiatrists
  • Offers medication management services
  • Provides many other types of telemedicine services
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Covered by health insurance
  • Individual, couples, teen, and kids online therapy
  • You can choose your therapist
  • With some therapists, you can communicate during nights and weekends


  • Focus not only on therapy
  • Not many plans – you pay per session
  • Prices on therapy are quite costly
  • You can be overwhelmed choosing the right therapist
  • No messaging or phone therapy
  • No group online therapy
  • No therapists bios

What Is AmWell?

Amwell offers a variety of video-based telemedicine services, including therapy and psychiatry. With Amwell, you can get help with anxiety, stress, pregnancy and postpartum issues, women’s health issues, ADHD, sleep problems, and many more issues in the comfort of your own home. Simply choose a therapist that fits you best.

Amwell accepts insurance from major providers, so it’s a great option for those who want to use their insurance coverage for therapy.

H3: How Much Is Online Therapy & Psychiatry on AmWell?

Online therapy on AmWell costs $109 or $129. The price depends on the experience and credentials of a therapist (master’s or doctoral level, respectively).

The initial psychiatry visit is $279, and 15-minute follow-ups cost $109.

#5. Faithful Counseling – Best spiritually informed online therapy


  • Spiritually-informed therapy with the combination of Biblical wisdom and clinical expertise
  • Over 6.000+ independent therapists
  • All of them verified that their beliefs comply with the company’s Statement of Faith
  • Teenagers aged 14-17 can use the service
  • Covers a wide range of mental health and spiritual issues
  • Various communication options
  • You can apply for a financial aid


  • The site isn’t quite informative
  • Only one plan with geo-tagged prices
  • No medication management services
  • Algorithm-based matching
  • No real-time client support
  • The official stance toward LGBTQIA+ issues is vague

What Is Faithful Counseling?

Looking for online therapy that is spiritually informed and supportive? Faithful Counseling may be the right fit for you. Their counselors are compassionate and non-judgmental, and they offer a variety of services including relationship, grief, depression, self-esteem, anxiety, parenting, and addiction counseling.

Faithful Counseling integrates mental, emotional, and spiritual care into traditional therapeutic strategies. All of our therapists are licensed and have at least two years of experience and hold either master’s degrees or PhDs. According to information from customer support, all the therapists are believers in Christianity.

You can contact your provider through text, audio, video, and phone.

How Much Is Online Therapy on Faithful Counseling?

Online therapy on Faithful Counseling is guided by the same pricing policies as Pride Counseling and BetterHelp. It offers therapy at the average-market cost – from $60 to $90 per week or from $240 to $360 per month. Billed monthly.

The plan includes unlimited text & audio messaging and a weekly live video session.

Before You Go

Millions of people nowadays are turning to the Internet for mental health support. And there are many good reasons why online therapy can be a great option for you:

First of all, it’s convenient. There’s no need to leave your house or office – you can access therapy from anywhere with internet access.

Second, online therapy is often more affordable than traditional face-to-face counseling.

Third, it can cover your specific needs. And here, we tried to provide a list of the top 5 online therapy platforms that can help you achieve your goals. Onwards and upwards!

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