Northshore Utility District employees honored for achievements

NUD provides water and sewer services to over 77,000 residents on the Eastside.

Northshore Utility District (NUD) held a promotional ceremony on July 21 to recognize the hard work, dedication, and completion of advancement training of employees Brian Taylor, Christian Melton, Haakon Lande and Ryan Helvey.

NUD provides water and sewer services to over 77,000 residents within Kenmore, Bothell, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park and Woodinville.

Taylor was hired by NUD as a fleet mechanic back in January, and within six months he managed to fulfill the requirements of the Senior Mechanic Advancement Assessment in order to advance to the position of Fleet Mechanic–Senior. The requirements fulfilled included passing eight automotive service excellence certification tests to achieve the Master Truck certification level.

“One of the great things about hiring new people, is that they can bring a fresh perspective and new and different ways of accomplishing our mission,” said Steve Skyland, fleet and facilities supervisor. “Brian has identified several opportunities for improvements, such as recommending tool purchases to improve productivity and expand our capabilities.”

Skyland also mentioned how Taylor has proven himself to be an expert mechanic through diagnosing and repairing several challenging vehicle related issues.

Melton, who is a senior utility worker; Lande, who is an acting utility lead; and Helvey, who is a senior utility worker, are the first to complete the NUD Senior Development Program.

“Our senior employees have positive attitudes when met with adversity, teach and mentor co-workers, and demonstrate professionalism when working with our customers,” said Ethan Maiefski, maintenance and operations director. “We are proud of our team at NUD and appreciate exemplary employees like these who personify NUD’s values of dedication, tenacity, and commitment to those we serve.”