Vote for Thompson | Letter

Mason Thompson is the kind of civic leader that Bothell needs. He has shown his love for and dedication to Bothell by serving as the chair of the parks and recreation board, as a member on the capital facilities planning committee, and has received the endorsement of nearly all the city council members (six of seven) in addition to both representatives and the senator from Bothell.

He is a person who works to find common ground and solutions to the challenges we face (increased traffic, rising taxes, a shortage of affordable housing) as our city and community grow. With an emphasis on development that centers around access to planned public transit, neighborhoods that are safe for walking, and managed growth, he will work to make Bothell feel like the community we fell in love with when we moved here.

A vote for Mason Thompson, is a vote for a Bothell that once again feels like a community, instead of an area of runaway development, traffic congestion, and a lack of affordable housing. Vote for solutions to the issues that rapid growth brings.

Kathryn Moriarty