Bothell pop-up dog park potentially extending its stay

Bothell Landing’s temporary dog park’s end date is being reconsidered.

The city of Bothell’s first-ever pop-up dog park, introduced to the public on Aug. 1 was initially going to be accessible until Sept. 15. But according to Bothell parks and recreation director Nik Stroup, its end date is being reconsidered following positive public reception.

“I was just there last night and there were over 40 dogs within the actual enclosure at about 8 o’clock,” Stroup said on Aug. 8. “We’re trying to figure out what our next steps are.”

The park, located at the Park at Bothell Landing, includes seating for pet owners, entrances specialized for both small and large dogs and easily accessible waste and water stations. There is also an area of the park sectioned off for dogs who are 25 pounds and smaller.

The project came about recently after Bothell residents increasingly voiced an interest in having a common and wide-open space for their pets to roam around and socialize with other dogs. Though Bothell has hundreds of acres of land, dogs are typically required to remain on the leash on most properties.

Stroup said that because of this, the department has usually had to redirect pet owners to already-established dog parks in Snohomish County, Marymoor Park and Kirkland. Stroup said that the opening of the pop-up dog park was essentially an in-house decision made in reaction to the public’s requests.

The park is partially funded by sponsors including Pet Pros, Twin Pines Animal Hospital and WhatsSup Stand-Up Paddle and Surf.

The city’s parks and recreation department, which is also currently in the midst of developing its Parks, Recreation and Open-Space Plan, recently published two surveys for residents to complete. One gives an opportunity to share dog park interests, with the other focusing on what residents would generally like to see the city develop in the future.

Residents can fill out the forms through Aug. 31.

“We’re trying to really engage the community and say, ‘What are those things you would like to see?’” Stroup said.

Though the current location of the pop-up is being considered as a permanent location, the department has not confirmed a possible long-term location. Stroup said that it’s difficult finding a space that meets all the requirements necessary to make a dog park a reality and that the department is hoping to explore other areas.

“There’s only a few places that we could put it, because you have to have a large space, have the space be unencumbered,” Stroup said. “You’ve got to have that space available.”

To celebrate the end of the pop-up park’s run, the city is hosting a pet parade at Bothell Landing. Scheduled for 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sept. 15, pets and their owners will have the opportunity to mingle while also competing for prizes. There will be judges at the parade giving feedback to dogs dressed in costumes too.

Interested residents are encouraged to register.

“We wanted to try to find a signature event,” Stroup said of the parade. “We wanted to keep that excitement going.”

For more information, go to the department’s website.