Multicultural tour includes visit to Bothell

In response to a recent shooting in Kent, Multi-Cultural Ministries is sponsoring an event called Building Bridges with Our Neighbours – temple tour, including a visit to Bothell, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 18.

One of the challenges facing local cities is encouraging people to embrace the diversity of multiculturalism. Unfortunately, ignorance often leads towards stereotypes, racism, bullying and intolerance.

David McLauren is a diversity specialist who will speak on multiculturalism and lead the tour. Born in India and educated in North America, McLauren has a Ph.D. doctorate in Inter-Cultural Studies and speaks five languages.

McLauren bridges the communication gap and provides insights to help reach and engage our multicultural neighbors. In this cross-cultural temple tour, participants will visit a Sikh temple, Hindu temple, Muslim mosque, Buddhist temple, Jewish Synagogue and a Christian Church in the greater Seattle area.

Registration is required and the $39 fee includes lunch.

For more info or register email