Northshore schools receive Gold Star Award by College Bound Scholars program

Four hundred eighty-four eligible eighth-grade students completed the College Bound application.

The Northshore School District earned the District Gold Star Award for the its effort in encouraging students to sign up for the College Bound program.

The Gold Star Award was granted because 77 percent of eligible Northshore eighth-graders signed up for the College Bound program, which is above the state average of 70 percent. Schools were also recognized with Gold Star Awards including: Kenmore, Leota, Northshore, Skyview and Timbercrest middle schools, as well as Northshore Networks.

Four hundred eighty-four eligible Northshore eighth-grade students completed the College Bound application. With this submission, students have an early commitment of state funding for tuition, which is intended to alleviate the financial barriers preventing students from considering college as a possibility. In order to receive these funds, students must also meet the College Bound Pledge and then be determined eligible to have the funds awarded once they begin attending their eligible college.

The College Bound Scholarship was established in 2007 by the Washington State Legislature to provide state financial aid to low-income students who may not consider college a possibility due to the cost. The College Bound Scholarship is designed to inspire and encourage Washington middle school students from low-income families to prepare for and pursue post secondary education.

The Washington Student Achievement Council administers the College Bound Scholarship program. For more information, visit their website.