Wonderland Child & Family Services Keeps the Focus on Patient Health by Updating its Technology

Digital adoption continues to transform the way business is done for employees and consumers alike, and technology is getting more complex by the day. When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, Wonderland Child & Family Services (Wonderland) faced a rapid increase in network demand during our transition to remote work. It quickly became apparent technology would be a critical aspect in ensuring a successful pivot to keep our services available to its clients.

Founded in 1969, Wonderland is a non-profit organization that offers critical support services to children with developmental delays, disabilities, and prenatal substance exposure. Resources, including occupational and physical therapy, speech-language pathology, special education, mental health support, and educational advocacy, are available to all families, regardless of income, insurance, or ability to pay. Additionally, Wonderland is the only clinic in the state of Washington to offer comprehensive diagnostic and intervention services to children with prenatal substance exposure. Given the important work we are doing within our community, it is imperative to stay operational and always offer support to these families.

To bolster our existing network infrastructure and meet the new needs of remote service offerings, Wonderland deployed Internet with Security Edge™ and Connection Pro solutions from Comcast Business, to expand our reach and services to more families in need. Here are three takeaways from our experience that can help businesses of all sizes stay on top of their technology solutions:

Stay protected

One breach of data can dramatically impact a business — and the more connected devices a business has, the more endpoints it must secure. Most companies can’t afford to go offline for hours at a time to resolve a cyberattack. For Wonderland in particular, it was essential that we protected sensitive patient health data from potential cyberattacks.

Wonderland’s new security solution protects our network and all connected devices from a variety of cyber threats like malware, phishing scams, ransomware and botnet attacks. The solution helps ensure we can keep clients’ privacy protected and operations running smoothly.

Stay connected

Prior to COVID-19, Wonderland did not operate remotely, but we quickly recognized the importance of safely offering services to patients in the comfort of their own homes, on their own time. Additionally, Wonderland staff needed to stay connected to one another to coordinate the health services that our clients rely on. A strong, reliable network connection solved both of these needs.

Wonderland’s network solution backs up its business internet for up to 16 hours with 4G LTE wireless, meaning we are able to stay online to help our community and clients in the face of power outages, cyber-attacks, or any other interruptions that may come their way. Wonderland has also successfully integrated telehealth appointments into our offerings, effectively reaching a broader audience of families in need. Seeing the success of remote operations during COVID-19, we decided to switch to a hybrid work environment long-term, which has proven to be a great advantage to clients and therapists alike.

Regularly reassess your network

Technology is evolving quickly, and to maintain operational success, businesses should evaluate their solutions regularly — an upgrade could be the difference between growth and stagnation. Wonderland plans to increase the ways in which we use technology solutions to help further expand our services to current and future patients. Technology is being used to both maintain Wonderland’s business, as well as up-level it and its offerings by solving problems with a tailored technology-first approach.

With our newest technologies, Wonderland will be able to scale our network to meet new demands that come with growth. For example, we recently launched a webinar series designed to raise awareness among doctors and potential clients who can benefit from the offered services. We have also seen an increase in participation in workplace activities, demonstrating the importance of technology in business growth.

Learn more about Wonderland’s expanding impact on communities at wonderlandkids.org.

Alex Lundy

Alex Lundy

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