3 keys to quality, head-to-toe care

Canyon Park family medicine physician brings a holistic approach to patients of all ages

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Ashu Verma is a generalist — and that’s the way she likes it.

“I like the variety of medical issues I can see in one day. From physicals and preventive care to management of depression and anxiety. Simple procedures like laceration repairs and mole removals, acute care like diagnosing appendicitis or treating acute back pain, or managing chronic conditions like diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure. It’s different every hour!” says Dr. Verma, who practices Family Medicine at Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) Canyon Park.

Not only does family medicine give her variety, it also gives her a stronger bond with patients.

“I’m grateful that families entrust me in their care for the long term, and I really enjoy building relationships from age five and up,” she says. “Holistic health means taking care of the full person and establishing a long-term relationship. I manage my patients’ healthcare from head to toe so nothing gets missed, and help ensure continuity of care,” she says.

Looking for connections

Dr. Verma may refer you to a specialist for your heart, your skin or a muscle strain, but she’ll continue to coordinate your care and look for connections between issues. You are more than just a collection of bones and organs, and a generalist’s view is often the best way to see how all the parts interconnect. It takes time and patience to develop that bond with patients, but that’s what Dr. Verma is good at.

“I hope after their visit with me that patients feel, first and foremost, that they were heard. That their concerns and issues were listened to in a compassionate way. And hopefully they’ll walk away feeling that I’m part of their team in supporting their health.”

3 keys to quality primary care

Dr. Verma believes physicians need three things to give patients quality healthcare:

  1. Time: Appointments should never be rushed, and long term patient relationships are ideal.
  2. Compassion: Doctors should listen to their patients’ concerns in a thoughtful, caring way.
  3. Knowledge: Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate — good physicians should keep developing their medical knowledge.

“Someone who combines all these skills creates a comfortable environment where both doctor and patient are working towards the same goal. A physician who takes the time, is compassionate and has up-to-date medical knowledge helps patients feel there’s someone on their side that’s supporting their healthcare concerns.”

Dr. Verma is accepting new patients at Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) Canyon Park, 1909 214th St. SE, in Bothell. Make an appointment by calling 425-412-7200 or book online.

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