Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2022: Top Psychics For Accurate Predictions

A psychic reading can unlock a world full of possibilities and opportunities. Mystic advisors have the power to uncover your destiny through ancient divination tools and spiritual powers. You can use the inherent talents of mystic advisors to overcome current challenges and foretell consequences that may occur due to past mistakes.

Today, these tried and tested practices have transcended to digital forums that make mystical readings accessible, affordable and customizable. We give you a taste of this spiritual revolution by reviewing top-rated platforms. Our chosen ones have the crowd and industry experts on their side with their exceptional services and excellent disposition.

After unveiling the terrific four, we will answer commonly asked questions about virtual consultations and free psychics.

Let the exposition begin!

4 Top Picks for the Best Psychic Reading Website

Cosmic interventions can save careers, partnerships, and investments when you have the right guide by your side. Looking for these saviors on social media forums can lead to devious distractions due to the hidden dangers that lie ahead. It’s why serious mystic seekers select a psychic online from regulated directories.

If you don’t have the time to conduct an exhaustive search, you may use our recommendations to pursue credible online psychics. We ensured that each option presented various divination services, flexible networking opportunities, and secure service.

Here’s the 411 on the fabulous four:

Purple Garden

  • An excellent forum to connect with online psychics
  • Reasonable rates and weekly offers
  • Effective communication through community portal and live chat


  • Psychic love reading and life-transforming mentorship available on-demand
  • Free trial available with any advisor
  • Years of industry expertise and diverse mystic services to assist you whenever you want
  • A great price range with a 70% discount for novices

Psychic Source

  • The OG cosmic network with amazing online psychics and approachable user service reps
  • Good for career and financial counseling through divination
  • Massive 75% of for new members
  • Flexible pricing systems with a 180 seconds complimentary reading

Keen Psychics

  • The ideal choice for beginners
  • Reliable services and exceptional customer support system
  • Low rates and a great preliminary trial offer

Profiling Psychic Sites: Which One Should You Choose?

Our core four raise cosmic standards by bringing their A-game to every virtual consultation you book. That’s because they meet most online privacy requirements and comply with cybersecurity standards. They are equally motivated to personalize readings to provide the perfect psychic experience for users.

Customized offerings include:

  1. The decision to select the best online psychics for your virtual consultation
  2. Flexible payment options to make budget-friendly decisions
  3. Using app features to automate service packages and schedule readings
  4. Switching from phone psychic readings to text-based predictions for convenience whenever required
  5. Managing contact lists and cosmic interventions by filtering average practitioners from your dashboard
  6. The choice to schedule regular readings or one-time consultations
  7. Maintaining anonymity by using private chat rooms and pseudonyms when you confer with a psychic online

These are some qualities that differentiate average service providers from superior portals. Learn why our picks for online psychic readings have a higher success rate than their counterparts.

#1. Purple Garden : Cheap Psychic Reading with Live Psychics


Purple Garden might be a late entrant in the divination industry, but it brings the spiritual wisdom admired by everyone. The platform recruits the best psychics and gurus to guide you through life challenges.

In addition to this, they have an interactive community that supports you through digital consultancy queries. That way, you can make informed decisions about your psychic reading online.

Learn what makes Purple Garden the best psychic reading network for many users:

Purple Garden Makes Online Navigation Fun

Many mystic sites appear complicated due to the many rules and requirements users need to abide by for a seamless session. Purple Garden eliminates complications through its user-friendly interface. The search bar allows you to search and shortlist consultants for your next reading quickly.

If you’re lost, you may find your way through live chat support and community query area. The tips and tricks simplify technical troubles and make mystic meetings manageable. There are tons of other widgets and features that result in unique interactions with a psychic online.

What’s its specialty? The platform provides versatile divination services like preceding sites. Since the community is relatively new, most users explore divination styles within the forum. You can use the cosmic consultancy tools for tarot, astrology, crystal gazing, energy work, and empath advice. Each practitioner shares attainable advice that allows you to increase your quality of life.

Budgeted Prepaid and Real-Time Payment Options

Astro specialists, empaths, relationship advisors, and psychic mediums charge as low as $1.99/minute for cosmic consultation. You’ve got several categories to select from with a detailed description of the practitioners. Some niche industry operators provide no-tool readings through inner powers. Others offer reliable psychic predictions using ancient tools and techniques.

Regardless of your cosmic choice, the price range doesn’t exceed ten bucks per minute. Some elite class advisors may ask for more, but you can always use discount deals for consultations. In this way, your wallet doesn’t get empty after your psychic readings online.

7 Reasons That Make Purple Garden a Good Psychic Service Provider

  1. A budding community of genuine gurus and guides specializing in divination, astrology, and associated practices
  2. Transparent solutions to your spiritual search
  3. An optimized search bar for time-saving consultancy services
  4. Interactive cosmic center to assist users requiring assistance
  5. Always-on live chat tab to offer real-time support
  6. Weekly discounts with cheap psychics and experienced practitioners
  7. A reliable virtual source to resolve life challenges through practical mystic advice

Are you looking for the best psychics at reasonable rates? Click here to join Purple Garden and its cheap psychic reading offers.

#2. Kasamba : An Online Meeting Space for Love Psychics


If you’re tired of getting entangled in unrequited romance or need a break from your bittered partnership, Kasamba can help. Use this platform to connect with love gurus and relationship advisors. They will assess your compatibility. Then use the insights to formulate plans that can untangle knots that tie you to the wrong partner.

Learn why millions respect its mystic expertise:

Compassionate Consultants Lead the Way

After reigning the psychic industry for over two decades, Kasamba has seen every type of romantic partnership. It uses this expertise to pair you off with the best psychics. Each registered practitioner possesses inherent qualities and professional experience. The bonafide combination makes these cosmic consultancies click.

In addition to their skills, you cannot deny the soulful advice they offer. Your interests lie at the heart of each cosmic solution. Due to this, you learn to handle romantic hurdles with a newfound faith in yourself.

Many unlucky daters learn how to evade misfit matches through mystic advice. While couples know when to have faith in partnerships and let toxic ones go. The intuitive power makes your love stories a success. All thanks to the trusty and considerate consultants controlling the cosmic session.

Cheap Psychics with Years of Practice

As mentioned earlier, Kasamba isn’t a stranger to cosmic circles. Its reputation and prestige attract the best psychics to the platform.

Site administrators screen applicants to ensure only genuine guide affiliations make the final cut. That’s why many believe that they can’t go wrong with psychic readings online at Kasamba. These security measures are matched with reasonable rates. You may begin your spiritual session at half the price after a complimentary consultation. Loyal users receive special treatment through seasonal packages and discounts.

Moreover, the cosmic consultancy site observes transparency by sharing complete professional profiles. You can compare rates and user reviews to select the best psychics and avoid the average ones.

If things go awry, you may request a refund. A review board overlooks monitored readings to decide whether you’re eligible for reimbursement. These pricing policies and privacy protocols make time spent on the mystic platform worthwhile.

7 Reasons to Try a Free Psychic Love Reading at Kasamba

  1. Decades of advisory wisdom available on-demand
  2. Practicing divination in all forms and for all types of purposes and partnerships
  3. Great mediator between estranged couples and misunderstood feelings
  4. Resolves conflicts through reasoning and a dash of divination
  5. Offers no-cost trials for 180 seconds to initiate contact between you and the best psychics available at that moment
  6. Slashes 50% off for newcomers after trials
  7. An easy-to-use mobile app enables you to access daily astrological advice wherever you may be

Stuck in a loveless relationship or still searching for the right one? Allow Kasamba to direct you towards a romantic future with three free minutes.

#3. Psychic Source : Experiences Psychics Available for Financial Advice


Psychic Source came into existence many moons ago as a tarot reading hotline. Today, it functions as a world-class forum catering to global cosmic clients. Business expansions have turned it into a phenomenal online psychic reading operation.

The Best Psychic Reading Website for Money Making Mentorship

Many mystic seekers use Psychic Source to gain wisdom about money matters. Inquiries revolve around career choices, employment opportunities, and workplace drama. They equally divert towards the financial endeavors where users might need guidance before a major investment.

Significant stock exchange moves and real estate transactions are also brought during mystic appointments. To receive a forecast, you may choose between tarot interpretations, crystal gazing, and other divination tools.

No matter your question, Psychic Source ensures that you get paired with the right psychic aka the best online psychics. An intelligent search algorithm and intuitive customer representatives make this possible.

A Cosmic Forum for the Best Online Psychics and Incredible Rates

If you’re looking for top-rated psychics, you should head over to this platform. The network promises to hire the best psychics and gifted professionals with a genuine interest in helping you.

Unpaid trials for 180 seconds can lock your faith. You can then upgrade your mystic package with a 75% discount deal reserved for first-timers. Seasonal surprises and automatic payment settings spice up the scenario. Each feature gives you complete control over expenses and calls made to cosmic consultants. That way, you can make serious spiritually-led decisions without forgoing financial security.

7 Different Ways Psychic Source Keeps Users Happy

  1. The cosmic community comprises hundreds of gurus and clairvoyants all ready to assist you
  2. It’s home to the best psychics operating online
  3. Receive career-oriented divination advice and financial consultancy through spiritual channels
  4. An around the clock cosmic consultancy network with a considerate user advisory team
  5. Your digitized solutions to resolve conflicts surrounding professional, emotional and personal challenges
  6. 75% off for your next paid reading and zero cost introductory appointment that lasts 180 seconds
  7. A pocket-safe mobile app for immediate consultation and daily advisory services

Are you looking for cosmic interventions in your career or financial future?

Psychic Source directs you towards success and happiness with an authentic psychic via free trials.

#4. Keen : Best Psychic Readings Online for Beginners


If you’re eager to delve into divination and universal knowledge, Keen will work for you. Everything from its simplistic design, self-help specs to a diverse community of psychic mediums accommodates individual interests. Plus, the budgeted rates make these fantastic features accessible to everyone.

Learn what makes it the best psychic reading website for newbies:

A Mystic Haven for Beginners

Rookie users and baby boomers might hesitate to venture into the virtual realm of cosmic consultancy. That’s because of the complicated clauses attached with membership—Keen breaks stereotypical policies by simplifying live psychics for an average user.

The platform opens digital doors to divination through various service offerings. These include tarot card deciphering, astrological forecasts, spiritual healing, cosmic career guidance, and more. They rate divination techniques differently and provide specialists to generate positive results.

In this way, you experience the best psychic readings online without stepping outside.

What about virtual security? Like preceding sites, Keen screens practitioners and advisors registering to the network. It enlists reputable third-party payment portals to protect transactions. Additionally, everything from subscriptions to in-forum consultations occurs through encrypted channels.

Cheap Psychic Reading Online for Everyone

Keen provides newcomers an irresistible offer through a ten-minute introductory appointment. There’s only one teeny-tiny condition. You need to pay $1.99 to redeem this offer. The low cost allows you to meet the best psychics online before switching to paid mode.

Even then, cheap psychics are available for consultation. They often match services and divination styles associated with experienced psychics.

Hence, Keen won’t disappoint you in terms of quality or pricing.

7 Reasons to Try Keen Psychics

  1. Decades of mystic expertise available through one-tap app and website
  2. A virtual community of mystic wellness and wisdom for true believers
  3. Exceptional user support services through cooperative and compassionate consultants
  4. Great rates and even greater response from cosmic advisors
  5. A responsive self-help desk that simplified navigation for new users
  6. You may pay less than $2.00 for a 10-minute complimentary session
  7. User rating systems to keep practitioners up to mark so that you receive the best psychic readings online

Are you ready to take divination-led services for a spin? Click here to try Keen Psychics through an extended 10-minute trial for less than $2!

The Face-Off: Are Video Psychic Readings Better Than Meeting a Local Psychic?

Many millennials and gen z clients prefer online psychic readings over local psychics. That’s why the trend of finding “psychic readings near me” has shifted to a digital realm.

Video calls take the lead because of the immersive, almost realistic experience. Like in-person consultations, you can gauge reactions and interpret non-verbal cues during a real-time call.

In our experience, there are pros and cons to each setting. Yet, a psychic reader online appears to thrive in a post-pandemic world where contactless connections protect clients.

Here’s a faceoff between “psychics near me” and online psychic readings:

Round One: Free Psychics vs. Famous Psychics:

Online portals allow you to converse through digital channels at zero costs during preliminary trials. After that, you can schedule follow-up appointments through a cheap psychic reading.

In comparison, expert psychics offline charge a fortune for first-time consultations. The contrast in pricing might tip the scales in favor of digital practitioners.

Round Two: Scams vs. Security

Undoubtedly, cyber threats prevail on the world wide web making mystic encounters sound sketchy. The good news is that our referred sites have screening systems and encrypted chat rooms that minimize intrusions. Many networks abide by honor codes that forbid practitioners from leaking private and confidential confessions outside the forum.

Comparatively, neighborhood practitioners do not make the same commitment. It’s often difficult to detect a con artist from real psychics due to their elaborate ploys. Due to this, you have equal chances of believing a scammer operating offline.

At least, most digital psychic readings online provide cashback offers to disappointed users. You can even reschedule appointments with the best online psychics to compensate for a botched reading. After a “ psychic near me “ search, you can’t say the same for practitioners you contact after a “psychic near me” search.

Round Three: Flexibility

Whoever you book for “psychic readings near me” will operate around their schedule. If you opt for a fortune teller booth at a fair or marketplace, you may have to stand in a queue to get to the practitioner. Also, the best psychics are often too busy for impromptu appointments. That means you might not receive mystic guidance when you want it.

On the flip side, you can schedule a psychic reading online whenever you want with minimum delays. Mobile apps make the service handy as you get a chance to connect with spiritual consultants on the go. You can even select daily card pulls and zodiac forecasts to know how your day will go.

The accessibility and always-on presence make virtual gurus a go-to option for anxious users interested in spiritual guidance and advice.

On these accounts, live psychics surpass conventional cosmic consultants working from small offices, booths, and parlors.

People Also Ask: Can You Trust a Free Psychic Reading?

Yes, you can trust a virtual practitioner as they undergo proper screening before earning a spot on reputable cosmic forums as the best online psychics .

Many mystic advisors bring years of experience to online psychic readings. Initial trials are a way for you to select a compatible consultant through cost-free readings. Only an authentic psychic committed to divination agrees to invest their time and energy in a free psychic reading online.

Therefore, you can trust their words of mystic wisdom even if it’s a trial session. Use this to understand universal secrets and uncover future possibilities. Inquire about things troubling you at the moment and share fears you might have. Expert psychics will answer your queries through spiritual insights and clairvoyant powers.

After this, you can decide whether you need another appointment to explore more.

Here are some more queries you might have about free psychics and virtual consultations in general:

What Type of Questions Do Online Psychics Ask?

Virtual practitioners and even local psychics will inquire about your personal and professional identity to share mystic reflections. Prepare to provide relevant responses that don’t sway the reading.

Even expert psychics need some cues to relate their visions with your life. Expect questions about your love life and other areas to receive in-depth psychics predictions.

They will start off with how you’re feeling and why you choose cosmic consultancy. Past sessions with other practitioners will be brought up if this isn’t your first encounter with a mystic advisor. Other inquiries can cover people you lost, past relationships, and career conflicts. Try your best to answer queries as well as you can without sharing personal details. Maintaining a balance can ensure that your psychic reading online goes well.

Can Online Psychic Readings Be Anonymous?

Yes, you can refrain from disclosing personally identifiable information when you join a psychic reading online. Most platforms allow you to do this by using pseudonyms as usernames. You can even keep nondescript profile pictures to deter scrutiny.

You can continue the charade during your virtual consultation. One may obtain good psychic predictions by sharing sincere feelings and insecurities. The rest of the conversation can feature initials, pseudonyms, and generalized descriptions of things non-relevant to your inquiries.

If your mystic advisor fishes for more information, you may decide to disclose personal details. We recommend doing this once you trust the practitioner and the virtual forum.

Aside from this, you can use proxy sites and VPN servers to detract cybercriminals from your trail. Understand that most reputable platforms already place encrypted passwords and security systems to keep hackers out. Some precautions from your end will add to the protection of your virtual identity.

What Can You Ask a Mystic Advisor?

There are no rules and regulations about what you may or may not inquire from a cosmic consultant. As long as your questions don’t cross limits and are related to you, an advisor can respond to them. Typically, you need to share a few things about what you’re feeling and your current situation before making inquiries about your future. Building a rapport allows you to feel comfortable and the advisor to connect with you.

After that, you may ask questions about professional life, personal development goals, romantic relationships, or any other query you may have.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Will you ever find true love?
  2. What type of challenges will you face in the year 2022?
  3. Can you expect a good year?
  4. Will you ever achieve [insert goal]?
  5. Are there external forces working against you?
  6. Is a [insert financial investment] right for you?
  7. Should you switch professions at this stage in life?

Always be specific and avoid yes/no questions as they only lead to vague responses. If a prediction sounds ambiguous, make further inquiries to clarify your interpretation. Otherwise, you’d be led to a misguided quest.

Are Chat Psychics Worth the Hype?

There are mixed reviews on Mercury News about chat psychic readings. Some consider it an excellent choice to form instant cosmic connections and gain spiritual insights. Others might find chat psychics restrictive.

A chat psychic reading will work for you in the following situations:

  1. You’re an introvert who doesn’t feel comfortable talking to strangers. Especially if you need to share secrets and intimate details about your professional or romantic life. Consultations via texts ensure that you get to say what you feel without hesitation.
  2. Quick consultations work well through a chat psychic reading. Your reader will not divulge details and only share relevant things while conveying the mystic message. If you’re busy or need a pep talk, then chat psychics can come through for you.
  3. Are you interested in keeping a record of your psychic reading online? It’s relatively easy to do that when you seek mystic advice via text. You can copy-paste readings or archive them to review them later.

Despite the plus points, many users agree that live mystic sessions on text have certain limitations.

For instance, you can’t watch the advisor pull your tarot cards or draw your astrology chart. The lack of visuals can take away from the magical aspects of divination. Conversely, you can’t see your reader’s reactions to your questions and vice versa. Some may find it difficult to connect due to this.

If you agree, you might opt for a different format for your psychic reading online.

Will phone psychic readings be a better option?

In comparison, you might prefer phone psychics over texting consultants. That’s because clandestine conversations through phone calls have more depth. You can hear the tone, altering inflections, and soothing voice of your advisor. These add a humane element to the session when you consider the monotone nature of texts.

More importantly, a phone psychic reading allows you to have a lengthy discussion as you go over all the possibilities of an interpretation. You can make follow-up inquiries, and the back and forth can clarify your doubts. It’s something texting can’t always provide to users.

In short, text-based readings are convenient and comfortable. However, you might prefer a psychic phone reading if you’re inquisitive and have tons to ask your advisor.

What If You Don’t Connect with Your Online Psychic?

The best psychic readings revolve around merging aural energies and their interpretation. There are times when you might not feel that cosmic connection during your virtual consultation.

Many internal and external variables come into play here. For instance, the negativity surrounding you might be challenging for an online psychic to infiltrate. Likewise, the inquiries you make might not suit the divination techniques the designated advisor practices. Due to this, you experience a disconnect.

Nevertheless, the lack of compatibility isn’t a reason to quit looking for answers from the universe. You might form deeper mystic connections with some other advisor.

That’s why many portals provide free psychic readings to test this theory. You can use preliminary trials to assess compatibility before switching to paid consultations. Mix things up by trying tarot card interpretation, astrological advice, and dream assessments. It’ll maximize the chances of making mystic mentorship work for you.

Are the Best Psychic Readings 100% Accurate?

The short answer would be a definite no. Even the most experienced practitioner reviewed at Juneau Empire cannot guarantee an accurate psychic reading online. They might have 100% success rates that result in positive outcomes for clients. Yet, every mystic advisor knows that external forces and free will can alter circumstances regarding accuracy.

Therefore, individuals interested in psychics’ predictions must not worry about ominous signs and warnings. Use these insights to protect yourself and make sensible decisions to evade unfortunate events. Your prudence and goodwill will eventually overpower any dark cloud that looms around you.

Is there a way to receive reliable psychic predictions?

A credible psychic network that enlists verified practitioners can maximize the chances of good reading. You can select a psychic online that specializes in your niche interests from your end.

Aside from that, you can prepare for your mystic meeting through an action plan. Know what you will inquire about instead of pondering what you may ask during your trial. Additionally, check your audio-visual equipment and internet connectivity beforehand. Otherwise, you may experience technical difficulties that might hinder cosmic connections.

Lastly, don’t set unrealistic expectations. There’s a chance free psychics might require more time to delve into past and future events. Don’t hesitate to return for an extended psychic reading online if you deem them appropriate for the mystic mission.

Live Your Best Life with a Psychic Reading Online!

Virtual cosmic connections can direct you towards good fortune and unconditional happiness if you play your cards well. You need to trust their intuition and use it to overcome the challenges you face today and tomorrow. The trick lies in finding a good psychic website that allows you to explore divination freely—a mystic space with compassionate, non-judgemental practitioners and budget-friendly charges to access the best psychic readings online.

Fortunately, our chosen ones fit the profile and provide various spiritually-led services to users. A free psychic reading online awaits newcomers while repeat clients receive discounts and reasonably priced offers. Consequently, ensuring you experience the magic of mystic guidance in its virtual glory.

Ready to take a leap of faith into the divination pool? Use our guide to select the right psychic platform to resolve everyday problems.

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