Best OnlyFans Girls 2022 Including Hottest Celebrity and Free OnlyFans Accounts

Some of the hottest content creation is happening on OnlyFans, no doubt. There are models for miles, but have you tried searching for these girls?

Without a proper search tool, the site is like an open-ended galaxy that you basically have to sift through to find exactly what you want.

Given our not-so-quiet obsession with this platform, we compiled a list of the best OnlyFans accounts to follow in 2022 (so far). From popular girls to upcoming talents, we cover the many corners of OnlyFans, so you, as a viewer, can get on with it stat.

Best OnlyFans Girls

1. Sam Slayres – Best for Fan Engagement

Best for:

  • Girl-next-door attitude
  • Tantalizing solo scenes
  • Virtual GF experience

Price: $3 for 31 days for her general content

Sam’s socials:

Sam Slayres embodies the whole “angel on the streets, freak between the sheets” trope and you can tell it just by looking at her. She’s a slim brunette with assets that make her look like an all-natural sweetheart instead of a lab-grown barbie doll.

As a matter of fact, she’s a master at adding that homegrown, homemade feel to her spicy content. There’s a certain quality to the adult photos and videos she posts that make it look like it’s all spur-of-the-moment.

We love some spontaneity.

Make no mistake, though, this amateur-style approach to her exclusive content is far from shoddy. It’s nicely calculated, providing a refreshing twist to the kind of XXX stuff you would otherwise see from other OnlyFans creators.

The best part, too, is she only charges a humble $3 for 31 days of subscription to her OnlyFans page.

This will allow you to marvel at all the tasty general content that she posts as well as get the opportunity to slide into her DMs for a virtual GF experience or to commission her for custom content.

2. Aisha – Top New OnlyFans Girl

Best for:

  • Naughty online GF experience
  • NSFW exclusive content
  • Bikini-themed photos and videos

Price: Free general subscriptions to her OF page

Aisha’s socials:

Aisha is the prototypical model who’s a master at fantasy fulfillment, especially if you like to engage with your OnlyFans models instead of just ogling at their content.

You can expect tons of (naughty) fun with her when you start hitting up her DMs for some of that virtual GF experience, because it’s one of her main draws. Her free general subscribers also get to admire her photos and videos, which all prominently feature bikini-themed shoots and clips.

If you want unfettered access to what this saucy model has to offer, though, then we highly suggest that you grab some of her more exclusive videos and images, which you can easily acquire by request!

3. Kacy Black – Top OnlyFans Account for Explicit Content

Best for:

  • Amazing XXX photos and videos
  • Exclusive, tailored content by fan request
  • Fans of fit girl and girl-next-door genres

Price: $3 for 31 days grants you access to her general content

Kacy’s socials:

If you asked us if there’s an OnlyFans account that checks all the boxes in terms of premium content and head-turning looks, then Kacy Black is one of the top OnlyFans models for you.

What makes this one so special is how she’s become one of the best creators on the platform thanks to a lack of boundaries. So much so that even her free pics make you feel like a VIP page member.

Simply put, Kacy offers everything: from pre-recorded videos on her general feed that would make other OnlyFans stars green with envy to premium content like custom videos and themed image sets.

The thing is, Ms.Black is hands-down one of the best OnlyFans girls around. And you can take that statement to the bank and cash it!

4. Sunny Rayez – Best Upcoming OnlyFans Girl

Best for:

  • Naughty DM sessions
  • XXX exclusive content
  • Free lingerie and bikini photos

Price: She offers free general subscriptions

Sunny’s socials:

Sunny Rayez is a mocha-skinned missy who doesn’t just have one of the nicest free OF accounts out there. She provides her fans with some of the best fan engagement that most hot girls on the platform tend to overlook.

You’ll be treated to some nicely naughty conversations via DM when you follow Sunny, but we highly suggest purchasing her exclusive offerings if you want “sunny” (wink, wink) days.

5. Bella Bumzy – Best OnlyFans Gamer Girl

Best for:

  • XXX cosplay content
  • Flirting via DMs
  • Themed NSFW modeling photos

Price: $3 for 31 days makes you a Bumzy subscriber

Bella’s socials:

Bella Bumzy is quite the impressive OnlyFans content creator, in that she’s only been active on the platform less than a year but already has a solid following. That’s all thanks to both the consistency and downright quality of the content she offers on OF.

She knows how to work her god-given bum, resulting in amazing photos with tons of sex appeal that even the best porn stars can’t match. She even offers flirty messaging when you slide into her DMs.

At a mere $3 for 31 days, you gain access to a wide array of Bella’s adult content, ranging from hot NSFW pics to saucy videos in a TikTok-style format. Of course, it goes without saying that this top OnlyFans model prominently shows her glorious backside throughout all this.

It’s in her name, after all!

6. Molly Sims – Most Recommended for Good Girl Niche

Best for:

  • Fans of “daddy’s girl” stuff
  • Highly tailored custom content by request
  • Virtual GF experience

Price: Become a general subscriber for free

Molly’s socials:

Molly Sims, true to her alterworld last name, might perhaps be one of the best OF submissive girls you can find. You can basically control her every move once you decide to opt for a more intimate and exclusive experience with this OnlyFans account.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry: Molly’s generous enough to offer a free subscription when you visit her page, and she has one of the most active free OF accounts around.

Followers on a free subscription to her OF model page are granted access to “daddy’s little girl” themed sets and NSFW short clips. And if you’ve been a good boy, you’d be glad to find out that Daisy even treats her fans’ account to free XXX stuff every now and then.

7. Cup of Carli – Best OnlyFans Account for Fitness Fans

Best for:

  • Fit girl fans
  • XXX customized content
  • Borderline NSFW modeling pics

Price: $3 makes you a general subscriber for 31 days

Carli’s socials:

Ah, Carli Kay, a.k.a Cup of Carli. What you might not know is that aside from being a seductress on OnlyFans, she’s also a relatively famous porn star working the indie rounds online.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this top OnlyFans model. Because once you decide to subscribe to her general feed, you’ll be treated to some top-tier adult entertainment that you can’t find anywhere else.

Carli’s OnlyFans content provides you with a nice mix of sultry stuff, which ranges from fitness and fashion modeling that tiptoe between SFW and NSFW, to hot group stuff unavailable on other social media platforms or porn sites.

Simply put, Carli’s exclusive stuff might very well be instant classics that only fans of quality adult content are worthy of witnessing!

8. Riley Kwums – Top OnlyFans Alternative Girl

Best for:

  • Fans of “bad girl” porn
  • Amazing solo videos
  • Spicy customized content

Price: $3 for 31 days of general subscription goodness

Riley’s socials:

Riley Kwums is the kind of OnlyFans girl who can jump between one genre to another. Sure, you can say that this bombshell can feel right at home with A-list porn stars, but what really makes this OnlyFans girl such an amazing performer is her versatility.

Yes, she provides the kind of exclusive content, both photo sets and videos, that an OnlyFans girl with a free account simply can’t provide. Thankfully, her $3 subscription fee is an absolute steal.

Riley’s able to swing from “daddy’s little girl” to “bad b*tch” in an instant; all you need to do is request it whenever you ask for personalized content via DMs.

9. Maria Moobs – Not-So-Innocent OnlyFans Star

Best for:

  • Fans of bodacious backsides
  • XXX premium stuff upon request
  • NSFW exclusive content on OF

Price: Become a general subscriber at $3 for 31 days

Maria’s socials:

Maria Moobs proves that bouncy bottoms aren’t just reserved for Latinas and sistahs, because she’s got a backside that we can unanimously agree is phenomenal.

That said, this OnlyFans model knows how to make her booty work. Most of the stuff you’ll see from Maria’s OnlyFans page showcase those wonderfully toned cheeks of hers in various poses.

Just remember to lock your doors and make sure that your boss isn’t around when you’re looking at her exclusive content, because her image sets and video clips can put even the most hardcore porn sites to shame!

10. Lucy is Loud – Best OnlyFans Page for Inspirational NSFW Stuff

Best for:

  • Fans of deaf girl adult content
  • Hot solo and couples’ scenes
  • Absolutely NSFW exclusive content

Price: $3 for a general subscription 31 days long

Lucy’s socials:

Lucy is Loud, also known as Lucy Goyette, is one of the top OnlyFans accounts that doesn’t just deliver a good helping of spice with her exclusive content, but also loads of inspiration.

She’s differently abled (mute) and has managed to turn what would otherwise be a disability into one of her greatest assets. Suffice it to say she’s got a moan that’s louder than an angry reality TV star and infinitely more arousing, too!

Plus, she even brings partners to her scenes from time to time.

As far as subscription fees go, you’re going to be surprised that she only charges $3 for monthly access to her general content. As such, Lucy’s also one of the all-too uncommon top OnlyFans accounts out there who’s able to provide quality content at an absurdly low price.

11. Paige Macky – Amazing Cosplayer OnlyFans Account

Best for:

  • Fun adult cosplay
  • Super entertaining
  • Great production value

Price: General subscribers can follow Paige for free

Paige’s socials:

Paige Macky is one hell of a cosplay prodigy and you can witness her rise to the top of the geek echelons by becoming a subscriber to her OnlyFans account right now.

First and foremost, she keeps things super accessible by allowing you to become a general OF subscriber to her page for free. This entitles you to a generous archive of some of the hottest and most impressive cosplay content you can find.

Not to spoil it, but you’re in for an absolute treat with Paige.

She perfectly combines fan engagement with some of the hottest exclusive content you can request via DMs! Definitely one of the top onlyfans girls of 2022.

12. Daisy Dray – Premiere OnlyFans Account for Texts

Best for:

  • Virtual flirting and sexting
  • Exclusive live cam by request
  • Hot NSFW photos

Price: Free subscription to her general content

Daisy’s socials:

If we’re going to be completely honest, a free OnlyFans account isn’t just hard to come by, but most of them provide lackluster content to force you to pay up for premium stuff.

Daisy Dray, thankfully, doesn’t fall under that sad little umbrella. A free subscription to her OnlyFans account allows you to check out undeniably NSFW images and clips, and she’s one of the most fan-friendly models out there as well.

That is to say, she’s more than happy to chat with you via DMs and even engage in some deliciously naughty sexting sessions while you’re at it.

Keep in mind, though, that only fans who choose to purchase her more exclusive releases are treated to some of the most internet-breaking images and porn clips you can find. So, why settle for just a free subscription? Daisy’s well worth the price of admission!

13. Samantha Ava – Women and Men Welcome

Best for:

  • Hardcore couple and group scenes
  • Bisexual virtual flings
  • Fan engagement

Price: $9 for a monthly general subscription

Samantha’s socials:

If you’re looking for the kind of content creator on OnlyFans who absolutely has zero limitations and boundaries with the kind of stuff they’re willing to do, then go ahead and check out Samantha Ava.

She’s a bisexual minx who doesn’t just have an “anything goes” approach to her XXX stuff, but even sells more intimate offerings for the right subscriber.

14. Kat Aphrodisiac – Well-Rounded OnlyFans Seductress

Best for:

  • Custom videos upon request
  • Sizzling lingerie image sets

Price: $4 gets you 1 month sub to her general content

Kat’s socials:

Kat Aphrodisiac is one of the finest models to have come out of South America.

This Puerto Rican-Colombian fox’s looks are only matched by her absolutely insatiable appetite for sensual and kinky delights. From sexting opportunities to hardcore videos, you can trust Kat to give you that aphrodisiac you need.

15. Lola – Best Adult Parties on OnlyFans

Best for:

  • XXX group videos
  • Sexting sessions
  • Fans of curvy blonde girls

Price: One month general subs to her OF page at $9

Lola’s socials:

Lola is indeed a showgirl!

Not only does she have the classic looks of a blonde bombshell, but she knows how to perform, too. Don’t expect boring, old solo clips from this seductress.

She loves to bring in tons of friends whenever she feels like putting on a show for her OnlyFans followers.

16. Victoria – Best Model for Girls-Only Scenes on OnlyFans

Best for:

  • XXX lesbian videos
  • Fans of bombshell porn
  • Overall hardcore stuff

Price: $9 gets you a month’s worth of subscription to her general feed

Victoria’s socials:

Victoria looks like a walking, talking barbie doll.

In fact, she even lets girls play with her, which is probably the main draw that you’ll find once you become her subscriber. But by no means a one-trick thot, this model is open to any and all kinky conquests that her fans might request.

17. Doutzen – Top OnlyFans Exhibitionist

Best for:

  • Fans of booties
  • Adventurous adult releases

Price: $3 gives you 31 days of Doutzen bliss

Doutzen’s socials:

If your sexual preferences lean toward the path less traveled, then you’re going to have an absolute field day with Doutzen.

To paraphrase her own profile description on OnlyFans, she’s “an empress in the field of alternative intercourse”.

Some might find her extreme; we just call it “talent”.

18. Rosalia – OnlyFans Girl With Wild Content

Best for:

  • Fans of wet and wild content
  • Top shelf solo scenes

Price: $3.15 special at the moment

Rosalia’s socials:

Rosalia has the classic looks of a Latinx telenovela star, but that doesn’t scratch the surface of what you can discover once you hit that subscribe button on her OF page. Niagara Falls has nothing on this naughty, curvy minx!

In fact, we won’t be surprised if she reveals that she’s put out tenement fires with her talents (if you know what we mean).

Hottest OnlyFans Girls Runner-Ups

It’s highly unlikely that you won’t find your next favorite e-girl from our top picks. Regardless, here are some other great OF models worth checking out.

  1. Dana DearmondProvides the ultimate GF experience on OF
  2. Jem WolfiePerfect OF model account for fans of fit women doing naughty stuff
  3. Lacie LaPlanteFun full-frontals and saucy video clips
  4. Ginny Potter – Classic MILF with deliciously hot XXX photos and videos
  5. Sonja HazeVery little inhibitions, Sonja’s full-on
  6. Angie GriffinCurvy redhead who loves to dress up in fun costumes
  7. Charly JordanYou’ll love Charly if you like a good teasing session
  8. Fabibi WorldThis OF account proves that cosplay is a craft and not just porn fodder
  9. MeiMoeLoves to dress up as NSFW versions of popular anime characters
  10. Mellissa BelleSpecializes in themed “classy” adult content
  11. Pia MiaAmazing performer who can tease with her dance moves
  12. Tana Mongeau – YouTube star turned popular OF creator for NSFW stuff
  13. Jessica NigriIconic cosplayer even before OnlyFans
  14. Lexi BelleAnother well-known hottie
  15. Natalie MonroeSuper active with 20+ posts a day
  16. Milki MindLoves doing luxury photo shoots and solo scenes
  17. KanricosNSFW content without going full-blown XXX
  18. Larsa PippenReality TV star turned lewd on OnlyFans
  19. Myer SquatsOne of the nicest and naughtiest redheads from the British Isles
  20. Cat SefiroOffers both XXX digital content and physical NSFW products

Your OnlyFans Accounts FAQs Answered

Do Any of the Best OnlyFans Models Offer Free Subscriptions?

Yes, some of the best OnlyFans models offer free subscriptions to their general post content.

This is a way for them to provide free previews of their adult stuff, which you can then purchase separately from the subscription.

Free OnlyFans accounts have varying degrees of quality when it comes to the content you’ll find on their pages. Some free OF accounts in general have the same stuff that you might see on a more mainstream site like Instagram.

However, amazing OF performers that you’ll find on our list, such as Molly Sims and Daisy Dray are generous enough to offer you more exclusive releases even if you’re just a free subscriber to their respective OF pages.

What Type of Content Can I Find on OnlyFans?

The type of content you can find on OnlyFans is widely ranging from music to movies, education, fitness and more. Admittedly, the adult content is wildly popular and takes up the most space, but it isn’t the only thing on OnlyFans, that’s for sure.

OnlyFans is a general content-sharing site where you can directly support your favorite influencers, celebrities, creators, etc.

Moreover, OnlyFans content creators aren’t limited to selling digital content. Some of them even offer physical products that you can directly purchase.

How Do I Find My Favorite OnlyFans Content Creator?

To find your favorite OnlyFans content creator, you’ll have to get creative (or use our list above!)

The one glaring problem on OnlyFans is that there’s no dedicated search tool within the site that can help you discover new and exciting content creators active on the platform.

As such, you’ll require some direct links and related reading to find the right OF page to follow.

You can do this in a couple of ways.

First, you have sites like IG, Twitter or Snapchat where most of the best OnlyFans girls post links to their OF pages in their bios. You can then subscribe to them from there.

You can also use a third party search engine. A quick Google search will reveal several hosts that primarily cater to this service. Do keep in mind that some of them require payment.

How Much Does an OnlyFans Subscription Cost?

How much an OnlyFans subscription costs all depends on the content creators themselves. The minimum amount that anyone can charge for an OF subscription is $3.

Celebrities tend to charge upwards of $20 for a monthly subscription, while there are other quality models like Bella Bumzy, Sam Slayre or Kacy Black who give you top-notch content for a mere $3 per month.

In addition to that, there are also content creators who offer free OnlyFans subs to their respective OF pages. Models like Molly Sims and Daisy Dray are great examples of performers who offer their general content for free, and just charge for more exclusive releases.

Time To Follow the Best OnlyFans Accounts in 2022

Whether you’re looking for a hot upcoming model like Aisha or you want a girl next door like Sam Slayres, our master list has it all.

As such, there’s no need to search every online nook and cranny for quality adult content; these amazing OF models have been presented to you on a silver platter, guys and gals!


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