Baker, Herbig continue as Kenmore mayor, deputy mayor

They were appointed at the Jan. 13 council meeting, during which councilmembers were also sworn in.

David Baker and Nigel Herbig are continuing on in their roles as the mayor and deputy mayor of Kenmore, respectively.

Baker, who was nominated for the position by councilmember Milton Curtis, has served on council since 2003 and was last reappointed mayor Jan. 16, 2018. This is Baker’s fifth term on council.

Herbig, who was nominated for the role by newly elected councilmember Corina Pfeil, has been on the council since 2014 and was last appointed deputy mayor two years ago.

The deputy mayor and mayor were reappointed through a unanimous verbal vote. Councilmembers serve staggered four-year terms, while the mayor and deputy mayor hold their positions over two-year stretches.

Incumbent Curtis and the recently elected Melanie O’Cain and Pfeil were also sworn in at the Jan. 13 council meeting, during which the appointments were made.

This is Curtis’ fourth term. O’Cain, who grew up in Kenmore and eventually returned after time away, is currently an accounting records and administration manager for the Port of Seattle. Pfeil has 18 years of service to the dental/medical field and has lived in the city for the last three decades.

Rod Dembowski, of King County Council, led the swearing-in process.

“I did this a couple years ago and it was a real pleasure and an honor, and I’m very proud of our partnership between King County and the city of Kenmore,” he said.

In his opening remarks, he touched on his excitement about progress on transportation, sustainability, homelessness mitigation and more.

Dembowski was particularly complimentary of Baker.

“In my seven years now on the county council, there has been no stronger champion in the region for a city that I have seen that Mayor Dave Baker has been for Kenmore…I’m deeply appreciative of all you do for Kenmore,” Dembowski said.

As part of the swearing-in, Dembowski also offered gifts to councilmembers: green energy tea, a Kind bar, chocolate and hand sanitizer in a nod to some of the challenges presented by the job.

Kenmore is structured around a council-manager government, which entails that the mayoral positions are elected by the council every two years.

Councilmembers Stacey Denuski and Brent Smith did not run for reelection.

The Kenmore City Council will next congregate at a Jan. 21 special meeting, which is past the Reporter’s deadline.

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