Bothell animal control officer saves injured dog

At 11 a.m. May 12, a woman was walking her dog in the unincorporated Snohomish County portion of Bothell. During the walk, the dog got loose and was accidentally struck by a vehicle.

The vehicle was traveling northbound on 14th Avenue West in the 22600 block. The motorist stopped to help the injured dog, but the dog had crawled into a nearby storm culvert and out of the reach of the driver and the dog’s owner.

The Bothell Police Department (BPD) was called to assist. Bothell Police Animal Control Officer (ACO) Debra Murdock was first on scene to assist, with Snohomish County Animal Control also enroute.

When Murdock arrived, she quickly realized she would need more resources. The Bothell Fire Department and Bothell Public Works were called to assist. Snohomish County Animal Control also arrived.

With necessary resources in place, Murdock got into the storm drain and attempted to get to the injured dog but was unable to reach her. Personnel at the scene were able to “cap” a fire hose to make it rigid and used it to guide the dog to Murdock’s awaiting arms.

The dog, Emma, was reunited with her owner at the scene, at which time she was rushed to her veterinarian. Murdock has been in contact with Emma’s veterinarian and has learned she is in stable condition, after suffering a broken jaw.

This is taken from a City of Bothell news release.