Bothell interfaith leader Welton to deliver opening prayer tomorrow at Washington State House

At 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Muslim community and interfaith leader Ryan Welton will deliver the opening prayer, as he did last year, in the Washington State House Chambers in Olympia.

Welton — who was born in Bellevue, raised in Redmond and now lives in the Bothell area — will be accompanied by his wife, 7-year-old twin daughters and 5-year-old son. He is a convert to Islam and leads the interfaith and outreach team at the Islamic Center of Bothell. Welton currently works for a technology company.

“American Muslims share the same American values and freedoms that we all cherish, knowing that we are all in this together and uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States,” Welton said in a press release. “American Muslims share our country’s strong family values, dedicated to raising and educating our children, and want to succeed in the traditional American way — by working hard and supporting our families. American Muslims deserve the same opportunities as all Americans — to build better futures for our families and children.”

In the release, Welton goes on to say that his greatest hopes and dreams for his family are “to raise kids who grow up strong in their Islamic faith identity, and help to make a positive impact in the community, whether that is through social change, politics, the media, or any other channel that allows them to use their talents and education to make a difference and contribute toward creating a better society.”