City of Kenmore to march in Seattle Pride Parade for first time

The 48th Seattle Pride Parade will take place on June 26 from 11am-2pm.

On June 26 from 11am-2pm, the City of Kenmore will march in Washington’s largest Pride Parade, Seattle Pride. This year marks the 48th year of Seattle Pride celebrations, with an expected 500,000 parade goers and 200 participating groups.

“Councilmember Pfeil was the one that proposed that we participate in the Seattle Pride Parade this year, and I believe it is the first year that Kenmore will be participating,” said Councilmember Angela Kugler.

The parade will begin at Westlake Park near 4th Avenue and Pine Street, which is where the Seattle Pride parade headquarters will be located, and includes the parade announcer, judges, a viewing area, and a stage.

Within Westlake Park there will be an alcohol garden, a first aid station, restrooms, ASL accessible seating, and food trucks. Jiffy Lube, located at 4th Avenue near Lenora and along the parade route, will offer a non-alcoholic beverage garden, restrooms, and food trucks.

Map displaying the Seattle Pride Parade route. Courtesy of Seattle Pride.

Map displaying the Seattle Pride Parade route. Courtesy of Seattle Pride.

An end of the line beer garden will be located at Denny Way and Broad Street, which will include restrooms and food trucks. The dis-assembly area will take place at 2nd Avenue and Denny Way.

The city of Kenmore invites all to attend the Seattle Pride Parade, and sign-up to receive a Kenmore-Seattle Pride parade t-shirt.

“I hope that all of our city’s pride related efforts and actions – from our proclamation to our flag raising to our local pride event, and our participation in the Seattle Pride Parade sends a clear message to current and future residents that we welcome, affirm, and are proud to support our LGBTQIA+ residents everyday and as they are,” said Councilmember Kugler.

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