Clark returns home to Bothell, continues healing after accident

Kelly Clark is home.

Kelly Clark is home.

Last Thursday afternoon, she left Evergreen Hospital and returned to her Bothell abode for the first time since her May 19 car accident.

“It’s been a long haul, and it will be longer,” said Clark’s mother, Charlene Avery.

“From being unconscious to (now), it’s been a miracle. I can’t believe her determination. I think a lot of it really has to do with her children.”

The 48-year-old Girl Scout leader suffered injuries to her brain, leg, pelvis, lung and liver and was in a comatose state after the wreck. Now, according to Avery, Clark wears a protective helmet when she’s not in bed is regaining sight in her right eye. She can speak and uses a walker.

Avery added that Clark will have to undergo intensive physical therapy and return to Harborview Medical Center so doctors can examine her brain.

Along with Clark’s husband, Mark, and their two daughters, Kennedy and Roweena, an army of friends stood by her side day and night.

“All of her friends … she has a network that just blows me away,” Avery said.

“I’m so teary-eyed, so amazed at what people can do to help someone. They helped the girls with rides (and more).”

On Aug. 23, Eagle Scout hopeful Jesse Bica and the world-champion Hot Dog USA jump-rope team will give a benefit performance for Clark. The event will start at 7 p.m. at Canyon Park Junior High, 23723 23rd Ave. S.E., Bothell.

Clark, herself, wants to lend a helping hand — planning Roweena’s 12th birthday party Aug. 21.

“Her persistence, she wants to come back,” Avery said.

“She’s pushing herself, she’s pushing the caregivers to push her.”