Construction on Northeast 188th Street to begin this spring

New sidewalks and bike lanes will connect Bothell High School to downtown.

The Bothell community has been asking for improvements on Northeast 188th Street for years, according to Public Works Director Erin Leonhart, and they’re coming to fruition this spring thanks to seed funding from the Safe Streets and Sidewalks levy.

The project proposes a safer connected pedestrian and bike route from Bothell High School to Bothell Way Northeast via Northeast 188th Street, including 1,500 linear feet of sidewalks, 4,600 linear feet of bike lanes and seven curb ramps.

The project is at 60 percent design phase, with final design anticipated by the end of the year. The current total project budget is $2.5 million, with funding coming from the levy and a WSDOT Safe Routes to School grant. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring of 2019.

The route straddles Bothell’s West Hill and Downtown neighborhoods, connecting Bothell High School students and West Hill residents to the downtown core and Pop Keeney Stadium.

“The existing roadway has segments without sidewalks, and [it’s] kind of narrow, with limited shoulders,” said Capital Project Engineer Lauren Freist.

Sidewalks are proposed on the south side of the street from 92nd Avenue to Pop Keeney Stadium, and bike lanes will go in both directions from 92nd to Bothell Way.

“We’re also trying to improve the pedestrian crossings around that route, so there will be improvements at the 92nd Avenue intersection, the 95th Avenue intersection and a midblock crossing from Pop Keeney over to QFC,” Freist said.

The city was able to apply for grant funding for the project after voters approved the levy in 2016. As part of the levy, the city created a Safe School Walk Routes Taskforce, and 188th Street was one of the top ranked projects.

“This one rose to the top through that process. It’s had a lot of community engagement along the way,” Leonhart said. “Thanks to the community and thanks to the voters… we’re able to deliver on these needs that have been out there for quite a while.”

The goal is to be done with construction by the start of the next school year; in the fall of 2019, Freist said.

The city hosted an open house for the project on Nov. 14, and heard “a lot of positive feedback,” “interest and excitement,” Freist said.

“Every time I’ve gone out to the project site and walked the street, I’m always seeing students and residents walking along, and I have been stopped multiple times so people can say how excited they are,” Freist said.

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