Kenmore Middle School closed Monday for police investigation

One student brought bullets to school Friday; rumors of hidden firearms on campus.

Kenmore Middle School (KMS) was closed Dec. 16 due to a police investigation.

According to King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ryan Abbott, one student brought “one or two” bullets to campus on Dec. 13. The student handed out the bullets to other students.

There was no threat to harm other students, Abbott said. Six students were suspended from school.

On the evening of Dec. 15, an anonymous tip to police reported a rumor that there may have been a firearm hidden on the school’s campus.

“Due to the time the tip came in, the school thought it would be best to close today so the police could investigate,” Northshore School District director of communications Lisa Youngblood-Hall said Monday.

Youngblood-Hall said there was no immediate threat to neighboring schools. Only KMS was closed Monday.

Police and K-9 dogs completed the investigation Monday. No weapon was found, NSD Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid said.

“Upon notifying police, officers from several jurisdictions arrived and have since searched the entire Kenmore Middle School campus with K-9 dogs,” Reid said in a statement to NSD families. “In addition, staff members from Kenmore Middle School thoroughly searched their designated classrooms and areas. No weapon was found. I want to thank all law enforcement partners and staff who were involved. Their timeliness and thoroughness was important.”

KMS will re-open Tuesday.