Kenmore projects impacted as concrete workers strike continues across King County

Several park, roadway and bridge projects are interrupted.

Kenmore construction projects are being affected by the ongoing concrete workers strike in King County. The strike, which began on December 3, 2021, involves over 300 concrete mixers and drivers who have joined to strike against six of the largest cement suppliers in the region.

As a result of the strike, concrete is not available in King County and major infrastructure projects in the region are being significantly impacted, including some of the projects currently in progress in Kenmore. These projects include:

West Sammamish River Bridge

The concrete strike is affecting the construction schedule for the bridge project, which the city claims could create significant cost increases in the future. City staff and the project contractor are currently working to find ways to combat these impacts and workaround the schedule impacts due to the strike.

Juanita Drive

The schedule for this project has been impacted by approximately 2-and-a-half months and counting, due to the concrete labor strike. The contractor will be granted an extension of time for the days lost due to the strike. Preparation work continues with grading and forming for curbs and sidewalk when concrete becomes available.

68th Avenue

The 68th Avenue project contractor is based in Snohomish County and contracted with a concrete material supplier from Snohomish County, therefore the city says the project has been relatively unaffected by the King County strike to date.

Log Boom Park Waterfront

While the contractor has gone to lengths to keep the project schedule moving, including pouring concrete at late hours in the day when delivery was available and procuring concrete from Snohomish County, the strike has impacted work on the main ADA pathway to the boat rental building, and the picnic shelter. The contractor has been granted a suspension of the contract and extension of time for days lost due to the strike and other material delays. According to the city, work on the project is currently suspended and will resume later this spring when materials are available.

Waterfront & Natural Open Space Access at Squire’s Landing Park (renamed ƛ’ a Xw a d i s)

Currently, there has been no impact to the project schedule because the contractor has focused on other work. The city says delays may be anticipated later this spring or summer if the strike continues.

With timing delays, rising costs, and a major backlog of orders to be filled regionally, concrete supply is expected to remain difficult to procure for weeks after the strike ends.

More information about city projects can be found here.