Local filmmaker prepares for premiere of “The Woman” at Edmonds Theatre

“The Woman” is the first film Rose Kreider has written, produced and directed.

Bothell resident Rose Kreider wrote, directed, and produced her first film, “The Woman,” which will premiere at the Edmonds Theatre on March 13. The plot of the mystery-drama centers on a struggling art student at the University of Washington, Noah, who was unaware of being kidnapped at the age of 8 months until an encounter with his adopted mother—Noah has to make a choice on whether he wants to pursue the truth about who he is by searching for extended family members or let his past rest.

“It was October 24 last year. I went to sleep and had a dream about my movie,” said Kreider. “I woke up in the middle of the night and I wrote it all down.”

The following morning, Kreider woke up and read what she jotted down the previous night. She then sat down the entire day to write out the film from beginning to end, with thoughts of directing the film in ways an audience member would want to see the movie.

Kreider’s entrance into the film industry began with modelling during the pandemic.

“About two years ago, I had a major surgery done that transformed the way I look, and prior to that I didn’t really ever want to be in front of the camera—pretty much camera shy. I was always the one that was wanting to take the pictures,” said Kreider. “Then after my surgery, after healing, I started thinking about modelling.”

Kreider began applying to online competitions, where she won Miss Philanthropy USA, Miss Photogenic, and Miss USA.

“That kind of sparked my interest to just kind of continue in that industry, and I started walking for New York Fashion Week twice last year, and then I started being introduced to actors in the Pacific Northwest, and from there they started offering me small little roles,” said Kreider.

Kreider relayed how she has acted primarily in minor character roles in TV shows, and has worked alongside Zoe Kravitz in the film, “Kimi.” From there, she began working with top photographers in the Pacific Northwest, some of whom would fly her out to photoshoots.

“I realized modelling wasn’t really my passion because of the—I’m going to say cattiness,” said Kreider. “I didn’t really like the people in the industry, and so I started picking up more acting roles.”

The week after Kreider wrote the script for “The Woman,” she reached out to her friends who she wanted in the film.

“I didn’t do audition processes. I just knew people who I had worked with prior that I had wanted in the film,” said Kreider.

By November of 2021, everything for the film was written out from start to finish. A cast and crew meeting took place in mid-December, where Kreider explained that filming would start on January 8, the month of February would be dedicated to editing, and the film would premiere in March.

“They started practicing their lines together virtually in December, so when we actually met in person it was like they were best friends already because they had been practicing their lines for a month,” said Kreider. “It was perfect—you don’t see that normally on film sets, where people already practice for months.”

Actors within “The Woman” include Aleksey Weyman, Jennifer Corbridge, and Rohish Deshmukh. Kreider currently resides in Bothell, and her parents are former Bothell residents.

“I thought it was such a cute area—the main street, the wooded area,” said Kreider. “I was like, homes are super cute. Some of them are new, some of them are rustic and older. I just super enjoy Bothell and the community.”

According to Kreider, much of the film was recorded in Bothell, and the main character can be seen walking around town posting flyers with dogs and cars in the background. Additional film locations include the University of Washington, Golden Gardens, Norm’s Market in Lake Stevens, and the Flat Iron Gallery in Sultan.

The premiere for “The Woman” will take place from noon to 2:00 p.m. at the Edmonds Theatre. Kreider also planned for the film to premiere on Amazon Prime, but as of February 1 they changed their waiting period for processing from 3 to 5 business days to three weeks.

“It will be airing [on Amazon Prime] at the end of March, but this other streaming service network will be on March 13,” said Kreider.

Kreider noted that “The Woman” would premiere on an additional streaming service, however the contract is not yet finalized, and she could not speak on it further. She brought up how streaming service links to the film will be located on the film’s website.

“I really want to see a sense of family orientation with people walking out,” said Kreider. “It’s all about family basically, and so I feel like if people walked out reminiscing on something, then valuing relationships and families.”

Kreider created a production company called Rose Kreider Productions, where she expects more films to be released from later this year.

For more information on “The Woman” visit https://www.thewoman.movie/