Mistress’ lawsuit against Bothell mayor abruptly dismissed, neither side will comment

The lawsuit filed against Bothell Mayor Mark Lamb by a former employee at his law firm was dismissed by a Snohomish Superior Court Judge on March 27.

The lawsuit filed against Bothell Mayor Mark Lamb by a former employee at his law firm was dismissed by a Snohomish Superior Court Judge on March 27.

Lamb, who admitted to an affair with the woman, also had his counterclaims for legal fees against former intern Micaela Mae dismissed.

“This case has resolved and been dismissed,” said Lamb’s attorney Christine A. Slattery in a statement to the Reporter. “We have no further comment.”

It is unclear whether the lawsuit was settled out of court.

Mae’s attorney Howard Hall said, “the lawsuit has been resolved and dismissed,” and also declined to comment further on whether or not the parties reached an agreement.

Both Lamb and Mae did not respond to the Reporter’s request for comment.

Mae, 23, claimed in court documents that the two adults stayed overnight during a council-related business trip in Olympia during their two-year affair. It is still unclear if Bothell tax dollars paid for the trip and hotel stay for the two or if one of the two paid for Mae’s stay. The City of Bothell has still not fulfilled the Bothell Reporter’s public records request made last November for receipts and other documentation for the trip.

Mae also claimed that much of the affair occurred at the North Creek Law Firm offices.

The former Bothell woman filed a civil lawsuit on Oct. 29, 2012 against Mayor Mark Lamb, his wife Kim and their North Creek Law Firm, for wrongful termination and invasion of privacy in connection with the affair. In an answer to the complaint, Lamb admitted to a sexual relationship with the woman but denied most other claims in Mae’s suit.

Several Bothell residents asked Lamb to resign from his position as Bothell mayor, claiming his admitted affair drew embarrassment to the city and distracted the council from important issues.

Mae and the mayor’s relationship began in 2010 when the woman was working at Masala Bar and Grill in Bothell. According to court documents, Lamb and another unidentified member of the Bothell City Council ate dinner at Masala when Lamb allegedly obtained Mae’s phone number.

The woman eventually accepted an offer to work at the North Creek Law Firm in November 2011 as an intern for $3,000 a month with the caveat that their personal relationship end, according to the complaint. Mae also allegedly told Lamb that she intended to start seeing other men.

But Mae alleges that Lamb never paid her more than $1,500 a month and “had to beg to be paid.”

Lamb states in legal documents that Mae was a paid intern for the firm starting in November 2011 and was paid $1,500 a month but denied all other allegations. Lamb stated in court documents that the sexual relationship was “consensual.” Their sexual relationship allegedly continued for months almost entirely in Lamb’s law office during working hours.