July 6

Weapon: Police discovered a firearm on a 43-year-old man whom they stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence.

July 5

Hit-and-run: An unknown suspect driving a van reportedly side-swiped a black 1994 Acura Legend and then fled the scene of the accident.

July 4

Punchy thief: A shoplifter allegedly punched a man who caught him stealing at a convenience store located along Highway 527. The victim complained of pain around his eye.


July 15

Craigslist scam: A resident reported he had received a fraudulent check in the mail with instructions to cash it and return the money, minus $400 for the trouble. The scam appeared on Craigslist.

Larceny: A man allegedly entered a Safeway store and tried to leave with a hand basket of groceries that he had not paid for.

July 11

Tough dad: A father reportedly exchanged threatening phone calls with his daughter’s friend.

July 10

Plant stealers: A resident reported that unknown suspect(s) had dug up three plants from the front yard of her home, located on Northeast 200th Street.