July 28

Elderly abuse: A 63-year-old man reported that his 26-year-old caretaker had punched him in the arm.

July 27

Dog chase: Police captured a brown pitbull reported by a resident to be running loose near 128th Avenue Northeast.

July 26

Hit-and-run: An unknown vehicle struck a 2000 Acura TL in a parking lot near Southwest 228th Street.

July 25

Break-in: A burglary took place at a residence along Meridian Avenue South. The suspect(s) stole an XBox console and games worth a combined value of $300.

Markings: Police documented graffiti on a fence and bus stop along Hollyhills Drive Northeast.


July 29

Overdose: Police responded to an incident in which a suspect allegedly overdosed on heroin and had to be transported to Northwest Hospital.

Tampering with mailboxes: Unknown suspect(s) pried open the central mailbox at the Johnson Court condominiums near 73rd Avenue Northeast. It was unknown at the time of the report whether any mail had been stolen.

July 26

Cruising and boozing in a convertible: Police arrested a woman who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol in a Chrysler Sebring convertible. Numerous motorists had called to report the suspect.

Threats: A man claiming to be a combat veteran threatened to smack another man “upside the head” for refusing to give him money at the Park-and-Ride along Highway 522. He also told the victim that he could slit his throat.