April 13


April 13

Weapon: A resident notified police that there were several juveniles in the woods shooting air soft guns near Fifth Avenue West.

April 12

Stolen bike: An unknown suspect stole a bike from the patio of a residence located on State Route 527. The item is valued at over $1,000.

April 11

Burglary: An unknown suspect gained access to a residence on Northeast 190th Street through an unlocked window and stole a laptop and car stereo amplifier. The combined value of the two items is estimated at $1,350.

April 10

Hit-and-run: Police contacted a man who reportedly left the scene of an accident after colliding with the rear end of another vehicle. The suspect will be charged with a hit-and-run violation.


April 16

Stolen truck: An unknown suspect stole an unlocked 1988 Toyota pickup while it was parked near Bothell Way Northeast.

Meltdown: A janitor at Moorlands Elementary notified police that an unknown suspect had set an object ablaze on the covered basketball court at Moorlands Elementary. The incident left an unknown substance melted to the asphalt.

April 10

Break-in: An unknown suspect broke the passenger-side wing window of an automobile parked at the Sammamish River Apartments complex and stole change from the vehicle. The offender was caught by the vehicle’s owner, but fled in a four-door Jeep.