Road Rage along I-405 leads to confrontation along SR 527 | Bothell Police Blotter

The Bothell Blotter is a description of a small selection of police incidents all calls to the Northshore area that are dispatched to on-duty officers.

The Bothell Blotter is a description of a small selection of police incidents all calls to the Northshore area that are dispatched to on-duty officers.

April 14

A person residing near 106th Avenue Northeast reported a fraudulent tax return had been filed in their name.

A person residing near 93rd Place Northeast reported a fraudulent tax return had been filed in their name.

Mailboxes near 35th Avenue Southeast were broken into. Junk mail was lying on the ground nearby and the victim does not know what mail is missing.

Officers responding to a suspicious circumstances call contacted subjects taking photos of a vacant home near 101st Avenue Northeast. The subjects claimed to be making a Craigslist ad, but gave officers a fake name. They were properly identified and were cited for making false statements to a public servant. Officers believe it may be related to a burglary in the area.

April 15

A victim reported the theft of prescription drugs while at a friends house. There are two possible suspects and officers are still investigating.

A person reported a male neighbor attempting to throw a punch at her while she was loading her car along Northeast 190th Street. There were prior verbal arguments in the past. Officers determined there was no assault so there was no crime.

A person reported being the victim of a Craigslist scam. The victim had communicated via email with the suspects and received a fake money gram. There was no actual loss.

A female left their purse in her employers break room. When she returned half an hour later, the purse was gone along with her credit cards, insurance cards, cell phone and driver’s license. The victim reported the loss of cards to the credit card companies.

A person reported being the victim of $2,744 in fraudulent charges on their debit card. The card has been cancelled.

A victim was parked in the driving lane waiting for his girlfriend to finish a store purchase when a male suspect came up behind them on the road and flashed their high beams. The victim told the suspect to wait a minute, but the suspect came up to the vehicle. The victim got out of the car and words were exchanged. The suspect then punched the first male and left the area.

April 16

A person reported being confronted by a neighbor who she has had recent issues with. Words were exchanged. The suspect grabbed the victims’ hair on both sides of her head, however there was no injury. The case is currently before the Bothell prosecutor.

April 17

A person received notification from the IRS that his social security number had been used to fraudulently file a tax return. The victim is unsure how is identifying information was illegally obtained.

A person reported several landscaping items were stolen from near 218th Street Southeast between the 9:30 and 10:30 a.m., with an approximate value of $1,400. The victim found the cable to the lock had been cut.

A person found that an unknown suspect had changed her mailing address from along 102nd Avenue NE to somewhere in Michigan. The victim contacted the post office, after she noticed mail missing since Christmas of 2014. The issue has been resolved through the post office.

A person received a call from a man claiming to be with the IRS demanding to know if she was a specific person. The suspect also demanded the person’s social security number and the victim, who resides near Northeast 185th Street, gave the caller her identifying information. After the victim hung up with the suspect, she felt concerned about what had just transpired and called the police.

A loss prevention officer of a store along highway SR 527 caught an employee stealing from the store. The approximate value of items stolen was $313. The suspect was contacted, cited for theft in the third degree and then trespassed from the store.

A driver reported being the victim of a road rage incident along highway SR 527 after the suspect cut the victim off twice along I-405. They both exited the freeway and words were exchanged. The suspect told the victim to pull over, which the victim did. A verbal argument began again when the suspect began to attack the victim. A passenger in the suspects vehicle talked the person back into their vehicle and the two left the scene. A license plate was obtained and authorities attempted to make contact with the suspect. The case has been referred to the Bothell Prosecutor’s office.

April 19

A person reported a group of mailboxes had been broken into. The person woke up to the sound of someone prying open the outgoing mail slot. The reporting person yelled at the suspect who then dropped the mail and left. The suspect drives an older model, grey four-door sedan.

A victim reported that the plates for his boat were stolen while it was parked in the driveway along 222nd Street Southeast.

A person reported a Japanese maple tree had been stolen from their garden near 101st Avenue Northeast. The tree was valued at $50.

A person reported returning to their apartment to find the water service had been shut off and the lights had been turned on. The person is unsure how entry was made, however she was not in the residence for approximately 11 hours. The victim contacted the home owners association and was told that work had been done, but their residence was not on the list of homes to be fixed. There was nothing missing.

A person reported a sexual offense near highway SR 527. The case is currently under active investigation.