Thief nabs iPhone | Bothell Police Blotter

A smattering of incident reports from Bothell.


June 17

Grab-and-run: A 45-year-old man lost his iPhone when a 16-year-old male allegedly grabbed the item and ran with it. The incident occurred at Shelton View Elementary.

Indecency: A male suspect dressed in a casual button-up shirt and driving a grey, late-model Honda Accord allegedly asked a woman for directions and then exposed himself to her in a parking lot near Main Street.


June 22

Tire problem: An unknown suspect slashed the tires of a vehicle parked near 70th Avenue Northeast.

June 20

Robbery: The Rocky’s Corner convenience store was robbed at gunpoint by a man wielding a handgun.

June 19

Punch up: A man faces fourth-degree assault charges after he allegedly punched another man in the face and broke the victim’s glasses during a fight outside Northshore Pub.

June 17

School fight: A deputy interviewed two Kenmore Junior High students who had reportedly agreed to meet at Kenmore Elementary on the night of June 8 to settle a dispute resulting from weeks of “trash talk.” One of the students ended up with a broken arm during the altercation.