UW Bothell, Cascadia sign hate-free campus pledge

University of Washington Bothell Chancellor Wolf Yeigh and Cascadia College President Eric Murray signed a pledge Jan. 17 underscoring their commitment to operating an inclusive and hate-free shared campus.

“UW Bothell and Cascadia College declare our shared campus to be an inclusive and hate-free zone, and we hereby pledge and reaffirm our commitment to remain equal opportunity institutions that do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender and/or sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, genetic information or national origin, citizenship or immigration status,” the pledge reads in part.

Yeigh and Murray signed the Inclusive Campus Pledge at a ceremony at the Activities and Recreation Center attended by Bothell Mayor Andy Rheaume and Deputy Mayor Davina Duerr. Earlier this month, the Bothell Police Department reaffirmed its policy of refraining from inquiring into anyone’s immigration status.

Yeigh said police and safety officers on campus will not question anyone solely on the basis of their citizenship. Murray said the pledge reflects legal obligations and avoids language that could threaten the loss of federal support.

The pledge commits the UW Bothell and Cascadia College to support and protect students regardless of their national origin, immigration status or citizenship. It also promises to protect student information and to not tolerate harassment or hate speech.

This is taken from a UW Bothell press release.