Heather Marie Duncan | Obituary

May 9th, 1975 – October 22nd, 2021

On October 22nd, 2021 we lost our beautiful Heather. Heather was 46 at the time of her passing. Heather spent most of her life in the Bothell and Kenmore area, but was a resident of Everett at the time of her death.

Heather was preceded in death by her father Larry W. Duncan, her step-father Greg Haigh, her grandparents, Klaus and Arlene Vanska, Bill and Verla Duncan and her uncles Billy Duncan and Garry Duncan.

Heather is survived by her husband William Writer, mother Sonja Haigh, sister Courtney Sherwood and brother-in-law Jason Sherwood, her three children, Kory Essig, Joey and Holly Writer, her grandson little Joey and son-in-law Emilio, her nieces Merry, Megan and Mariah Sherwood, her nephew Jayden Sherwood, her aunt and uncle Debbie and Robert Johnson and her cousins Eddie Wright, Matthew and Christopher Duncan.

Heather was loved deeply by her family, and will forever be missed. Growing up she was a funny, sweet and kind girl and had a wicked sense of humor. Heather loved her family, going to Hawaii and was very gullible and so she was easy to lead astray with a well told joke. Over the past years her family was not able to remain as close to her as we would have liked. After Heather’s marriage in 1997, Heather suffered from a long battle with serious drug addiction and abuse. Sadly, due to those lifestyle choices, her family had to watch helplessly as the girl we loved so much, spiraled helplessly out of control as she battled those addictions. We never lost hope that one day the girl we loved would return to us, but that was not meant to be.

If you would like to remember Heather, her family would appreciate donations to a Heroin or Mental health treatment program in your area.