Beatifying CEMEX and CalPortland silos is a slap in the face to Kenmore residents | Letter

Dear Let's Beautify This,

Dear Let’s Beautify This,

This may sound like a nice idea to some folks in the area, however for all the Kenmore residents who live on the north side of Highway 522 who endure the daily deluge of toxic waste belching from those silos – we may feel differently.

My children grew up in Kenmore, graduated from Kenmore Elementary, Kenmore Jr. High and Inglemoor High School. Because they’re now grown and beginning new lives on their own, I sold my home. I wanted to stay in Kenmore because this is home for all of us so – I bought a condo on the hill just above Highway 522. I have a sweeping view of Lake Washington and Kenmore Air. I also have a full view of CalPortland and CEMEX.

The notion that painting the silos anything other than grey is disturbing. It would be a slap in the face of Kenmore residents if you were to paint some sort of colorful, rosy scene on those silos storing the poison soon to be released into our beautiful community. Kenmore would be the laughing stock of Washington State. Putting on a “happy-face” in this situation is ludicrous.

Please reconsider this humiliating project.

Kate Donaldson, Kenmore